Actually I got it made.

It’s taken me a while, but I finally sewed together the pieces of the Red Riding Hood hat I downsized for Lebo. It’s totally out of season, but unlike the children of human variety around here, I expect it will fit when the seasons dutifully change again. & Of course, it’s not as fantastic as the Waldorf Mama aviator hats, but maybe I’ll try that pattern next.

I also finished up some shoes for Leviah as she outgrew her last pair…who knew 7months would come and go so swiftly. I swear it’s like a time warp each morning–I wake up anticipating the next development in both my girls. From teething to reading, it’s all I can do to even notice, let alone stay on top of their progress. So I pray I don’t fail them or miss possibilities. How do I choose which outlets to nurture? Their horizons are so vast…

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  • Joy Posted May 14, 2009 7:22 pm

    The hat is adorable! I’m sure Lebo is very appreciative. 🙂 The shoes are just darling too. Are you sure Leviah is 7 months already? So fast!

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