Life Cycle: Apple Trees and Goats

How apple trees and goats are connected

We always bury our goats under the apple trees. The tree gets nourished by the goat body. The grass always grows really well there. Then the goats get to eat the apples and the grass. Then the goats make more goats. On and on it goes.

This year we have had to bury two so far. It’s part of farm life. Really it’s part of all life. It’s a part that not everyone gets to participate in as much as they should. It’s the part that makes farmers such great people. If people knew how fragile and precious life is maybe they would respect it more. It’s not until you see the death that you really appreciate life. This week I had the privilege of standing outside in the crisp morning air with my three daughters as we cried about a baby goat that had died over the night.

No matter how many times it happens it always pulls on your heart some. Being the dad and the main farm manager its hard to not feel responsible for all the bad that happens but some times it’s out of my hands.

I don’t always have the answers and when it comes to baby goats dying I really do not have any answers. If it was up to me they would all live.

How our sick mother goat got better

We also had the same mom goat get really sick and we almost lost her. Luckily we were able to bring her back. She seems to be doing really well now.

For the farmers out there. I used a drench of Vitamin C and probiotics. Then I gave her B12 injections every 8 hours. Now she is on free choice seaweed meal, high-quality grain, and hay. She went from laying on her back and foaming at the mouth to standing and grazing in about 24 hours.

We have also had lots of new life on the farm. We have had three new babies born this week. It seemed like every time we came home a new baby had been born. This is such an exciting time of year. Plus soon we will have fresh goats milk.

Eliza feeding comforting the momma goat

This little girl is just hours old.

Bottle feeding the babies while the momma gets better. These little guys are just hours old.  

So there you have it! That is the little story about our Apple Trees and our goats, and how they are connected and live together.

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