Are essential oils safe to use daily?

Not equally created

Simple answer: YES!! But let’s talk for a little bit.

We need to start with the fact that not all essential oils are created equally. Not all ‘oils’ are even essential oils! MOST of them are NOT. Most are at minimum contaminated with synthetics & fillers, & at best have a minute amount of plant material in them. That’s just bc…well, that’s industry standards.

Are they all jerks who sell these imposters? Nope.

They are just companies doing what the market demands. Providing a product the people are buying and meeting the standards (maybe even better than the standards) the FDA has set. It’s a shady business where lots of corners are cut, and ultimately it can be risky.

BUT, we should ALWAYS be our own advocate. We need to dig deeper into ALL the products we use–it’s how we create the future.

Just what do these producers know that we don’t about their ingredients?

How to use Essential Oils

Here’s the deal, I wrote this article below to help you out with knowing how to use oils safely and answer some questions that we all have along the way. But there is a ton to essential oil purity, that I will write a post about – so watch out for it.

For now, just trust me when I tell you that you need to do a lot of research before buying essential oils. AND the oils at big-box chains are no good, even most of the ones you find at health food stores are not good.

What I am going to assume is that you have high-quality essential oils.

Check if your essential oils are high-quality

Here are a few things you can check so that you know they are of high quality:

  • They are third-party tested
  • They are labeled with a supplement label
  • The label on them says that you can take them internally, put on your skin, and you can inhale them. (some oils aren’t meant for internal use or are simply better for topical application, so some won’t be labeled for internal use for that reason, but if a company carries oils that are safe for ingestion–you’re on the right track).
  • DON’T assume ‘Organic‘ means top-quality. It actually is a deterrent. Many plants are grown in countries with no organic certification process. Organic farms are notorious for cutting corners when the certifier isn’t looking. TESTING is more important than organic certification.
  • Sourcing is transparent and you can find out who and where the oils are grown & distilled.
  • All are not at the same price-point. Oils come from different sources, come from different plants, and require different amounts of plant material to be made. They CANNOT be the same price–it’d be like ALL the produce in the grocer being the same price.

If your oils don’t check these, then we need to talk. Shoot me a message, it’s a judgment-free zone, I promise.

If you can check off all the above, NOW we can talk about Essential Oils safety.

Really, how safe are essential oils?

One more thing we need to talk about. I really really want to help you understand just how safe essential oils are. I want to empower you and help you feel safe using them. BUT this is not a medical document.

What I can tell you is that I have been working with thousands of people, literally thousands of people to help them get healthy with essential oils. I use them on my family. I used them on my son when he was just a few hours old ( to help him with his transition into the world). Of course, I use them on myself. I have been learning hands-on, attending pieces of training, been certified as a holistic health coach, and helping people overcome illness for 6+ years.

I have seen results that are mind-blowing–MIRACLES.

We align with a company obsessed with essential oil science. We have hospitals studying essential oils because of this science. If you need to do research, check out –it’s exciting how much evidence there is to prove the viability of essential oils for health.

Ok, I’m done. If you’re still with me let’s talk about safety…also I love that you are still with me….:)

Safety Questions about Essential Oils

1. Can you overuse an essential Oil?

Yes, you absolutely can! You can overuse almost any substance. But, with oils, it’s pretty uncommon. And when I say uncommon–the rate of sensitivity within doTERRA is less .02%, and the most common issue is a skin sensitivity.

No risk of death.

What causes sensitization is the repeated use of just one oil over & over on the same spot–that can lead to a sensitivity that goes away when use is discontinued.

A sensitivity is going to look like a rash or red spot–and often is soothed by using a carrier or even other anti-inflammatory oil. A lot of times, it represents toxicity in the body that is trying to come out & often means you should consider focusing on balancing out your gut.

And, here’s the thing… the use of just one oil in one spot isn’t the most effective option anyway. Our bodies do way better when we mix up the essential oils. Every oil has its own unique beneficial properties. When we mix up the oils we wake up our body to the newness and stimulate a whole new response–like a wake-up call. Switching the use up on a weekly basis is really smart.

So how much can you use in a day?

The quick answer is hundreds of drops!

Diffusing, in your water, over the heart, for specific health needs. Think of essential oils as supplements, your body is going to work the best when you have oils regularly–they are nutritional.

Our rule: ‘Less is more, frequency is key.’

That means, no more than 5-7 drops at a time, BUT you can do this 5-6 times a day, if not more. The more you spread it out, the better the result.

Our bodies and oils mix really well. We’re made of the same stuff, so use oil and it’s absorbed and dissipated within minutes–it doesn’t build up as meds do, it processes out quickly. Have really bad head or neck tension? Apply peppermint to the temples every 15 minutes, spreading out use as it lessens in intensity.

We HIGHLY recommend using citrus oils daily. Aim for 20 drops a day of Grapefruit, Tangerine, Lemon, or any of our other amazing citruses. These oils help your body flush out toxins (which build up from pollution we breathe, drugs we take & foods we eat). But, they also help balance out the internal pH; an alkaline body heals quickly and avoids cancer.

Dr. Hill a leading expert in essential oils says it best:

“Using a variety of essential oils on a regular basis could be more significant than focusing on oil selection or specific application methods. Routine and deliberate application of essential oils can often increase and even sustain health benefits.”

Keep in mind though that…

So use lots of oils daily. Here’s what you should keep in mind.

  • Mix them up – As we talked about above, it’s good to keep them mixed up every week or so. Use oils when you wake up, before and after meals, in the afternoon, before bed, and while you sleep.
  • Dosage – A little goes a long way. In general, a dose is about 3-5 drops of oil. You can go heavier when you feel like you need to knock something out. But for general maintenance 3-5 drops is great
  • Age – keep in mind babies and seniors will need a lot less. You can take the normal dose down to 1 drop.
  • Topical Usage Information
  • Internal Usage Information
  • Aromatic Usage Information

Not everyone will agree to the safety of essential oils

BUT, as much as I love a fun debate, it all comes back to the science, research, and ACTUAL facts for where I land on this topic. SURE, there is an opinion that using oils this much is dangerous, but we have found no real evidence to this effect.

No one will ever pressure you to do anything you’re uncomfortable with–but remember that our bodies are….

#1 Bombarded with toxic input 1000x more than our ancestors. We HAVE to use big and powerful means to find balance again.

#2 Purity is crucial and difficult to find. Being wary is smart if you’re not 100% confident in the purity of the product you’re using!

#3 You assume FAR more risk when taking over the counter medications like Tylenol than you do when using oils–research is clear on this.

Just like it takes 30+ years for modern medicine to catch up with the current research, it will take at least that long for Aromatherapy books to catch up with current research. We love books, but remember the date of publishing or the traditions that the field clings to are outdated and based on a lack of access to research/science.

This article gives you a great example of how current aromatherapy science is out of date. Is Eucalyptus safe for children?

What would a daily routine look like?

Here’s what Dr. Hill Recommends (I changed it a little bit to fit what I take daily too) So, really it’s more like what Dr. Hill and I recommend.


Apply 1–2 drops of Balance to the bottom of your feet when you wake up.
Apply 1 drop of Frankincense and 1 drop of Copaiba under your tongue.
With breakfast, take three Terrazyme®, one PB Assist®, and doTERRA Lifelong Vitality 


12 drops of citrus oil in your water throughout the day. Dr. Hill suggests Lemon, Tangerine, or Grapefruit.
With lunch, take three Terrazyme.
Take a drop of On Guard under your tongue or an On Guard +.
Apply Deep Blue® Rub after strenuous activity in the afternoon (or when needed).


Diffuse doTERRA On Guard
With dinner, take three Terrazymeand doTERRA Lifelong Vitality 


Diffuse your favorite oil for relaxation or apply to the bottom of your feet. We suggest Lavender or doTERRA Serenity®.

doTERRA essential oils
This is our Healthy Habits Kit. <3 it. And it’s 20% off through June. <3 <3

Need more science? Check out this Module: Safety and Application


Here’s what I am saying, it may sound extreme, but: Don’t be afraid of Essential Oils. They are powerful and very effective, but your body knows how to handle them. Your body was created to handle them! Or maybe they were designed for your body is a better description? Either way…

I give you permission to use them! I give you permission to go a little heavy on them!

Be empowered and share with others that there are some better, more effective, and less expensive options that traditional medications!

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