Are we near the end?

Are we really near the end? 

…And I am not talking about the end of the world. I am talking about the end of the pandemic.

Because I really feel like the fog is lifting. 

Do you? Let’s just focus on that feeling.

What we’ve been up to… so far in this pandemic

schoolhouse being built during the pandemic

We have subfloor in! Thanks to calling on a little help from some friends–and we’re more eager than ever to open the Schoolhouse doors! Still more to do, but it’s getting close!

We have new launches too!!

simple and safe natural solutions program during pandemic

If you haven’t seen, we also released Safe + Simple Natural Solutions, and we’ve had a lot of fun watching folks work through that program! People getting their first set of doTERRA oils, paired with education and they are developing little habits that are changing their lives! 

Have you taken a peek?

Something for you!

Here is a GOOD IDEA for you during this pandemic

We encourage you to check out this Cultivating Creativity program my friend Alisha opened up–We have participated in several of her live and online events and I’m never disappointed. 

I leave them feeling refreshed and inspired. Get more connected to your creative side and you will feel more satisfied!

Check it out!

Use the code ‘oils’ and we’ll send you the recipe for our favorite Creative Blend roller and access to our Blending Workshop FREE!

flowers to brighten up your day during pandemic

Pamper thy hair!!!!

pamper the hair during pandemic

Does your hair need help?

We have announced the Mane Event–Have Your BEST Hair Challenge!

This 30-day challenge uses our secret method of hair-care to unlock your most beautiful hair to date. Now that the bar soap is available, you can use what has worked miraculously for me. 

Good for limp, dry, greasy, fine, drab, flaky, damaged hair! Listen to what’s involved here, check out the products involved here.

That’s all for NOW!

I think those are all the good things that have happened in the past weeks of this pandemic. I hope you find them well too and keep you busy and productive. 

Tell us your stories of good news in the comment section or join us in our community to share good tidbits to brighten up the day!

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