Circular Perpetual Calendar
Kids Hebrew Calendar

We made this little project yesterday and it was fun. The girls haven’t quite finished theirs, and it’s admittedly much too difficult for Leviah (age 4) who really enjoyed the cutting out portion. But, I really like what we ended up with and I think the visual relationship really helps them see how the Gregorian (modern calendar) and the Hebrew calendar and the seasons all interact.

round calendar

The only small change I still want to make is to mount it to something more solid than just the paper, potentially with a pointer like this one I found via pinterest.

kids calendar

It’s a good time of year to talk about calendars and time passing, etc.

lunar calendar

We used three different plates as templates for the circles, and brad to hold the three together. I love rotating projects like these. I’m hoping to make a few life cycle ones–perhaps in the spring when so many life cycles are just beginning.

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