Collecting Eggs from Backyard Chickens

In this blog, I’ll take you to our backyard where I’ll be checking on the chickens and their eggs… and hopefully, we’ll be collecting some eggs!

So a little background, we’ve had chickens for seven years now, and the current one is our third batch for this year. A flock comes and goes about every two years. We’ve noticed that chickens naturally stop laying or really slow down when they are in their second year.

Our chickens have total freedom in our property. They have no feed but they can eat whatever they find. And we observed that chickens are happier and healthier that way than feeding them feed!

Every time we have chickens, we have to wait for about six months for them to start producing eggs. Our last batch was this spring, and unfortunately, we got snakes eating the babies.

But that is not it! After the snakes, we had hawks, raccoons, and owls trying to eat the chicks and eggs.

It was crazy BUT we finally figured out how to get rid of the snakes by moving one of our guardian dogs nearby and we moved the chickens to a safer place.

Chicken Coops and Chicken Setup

So inside the coop, there are nesting boxes, and in those nesting boxes are where the eggs are laid. You can see more of our coops in this blog post.

We’ve been waitin’ for a while because I know that we will be getting a big batch of eggs soon but I don’t know exactly how soon it is. But we got some eggs in some of the nests.

On to the backside of the coop, we have a handy dandy lever thing that lets you get inside (the nesting boxes). In some of the nesting boxes are our first eggs from our new chickens. I would just like to say that my chickens are super happy chickens just doing their chicken thing.

Anyway, we’ve got some new ones that should be coming soon and I think we’ve got like 12 chickens already!

Laying and collecting eggs

After we sorted the disaster that the predator birds, raccoons, and snakes brought, our free-range chickens are finally laying eggs again. That means fresh eggs for us, which means beautiful golden yokes and tasty eggs again!

Hopefully in another month or so we’ll be collecting about 12 eggs a day, which is really about what our family eats! A chicken lays about one egg every 26 hours. Kinda weird time frame but hey you got one egg a day.

So yeah, I just wanted to share that with you. It’s always fun when you have a new flock and you find those first eggs. And I am always happy to share a way of living organically and healthy.

Alright, if you got any questions about chickens, hit us up in the comments. I’d love to share and help you with any, and I mean any, chicken woes you got.

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