best result (with cookie cutters)

It took a few days to complete this project. We hit a few road bumps. I think in the future, the best solution for making crayons out of old crayons will be finding 1 or 2 of those silicone candy/ice cube molds…

Anyway, here are a few pics. Naomi certainly seems satisfied with how they turned out. I thank Danny for his advice, although his description of methods could have been a bit more thorough. I will not attempt to be more detailed because looking back, I’m not entirely sure what I did. We used the toaster oven, so I like to believe we were just a smidge more eco-friendly 😉

from a “tin”mold I folded…

testing “tin” results

If you have a better method, please let me know. I did look into it a bunch online, but most people recommend muffin tins. I thought that was too boring…& who wants to color with a circle? Oh, and after assessing the coloring ability, we decided that crayolas are more expensive for a reason.


  • Joy Posted March 19, 2009 5:47 pm

    We made those once a while back. I learned 2 things. Washable crayons don’t work very well. They separate or something weird. And silicone molds that are used to melt crayons should not be used for anything else. It’s impossible to get all the waxiness off. Ewww…

  • school house oils Posted March 19, 2009 7:22 pm

    do you have a pic?

  • Jalita* Posted March 20, 2009 12:43 am

    I made some a while back too….there is a pic on my blog of Hayden coloring with them. Like Joy said, dont use washable crayons…. also, set a timer and dont forget them or you will have a nasty mess! lol

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