What’s an #OilDork?

Well, once you’re using doTERRA oils, and once you realize their full potential for good in people’s lives you start digging and learning and carrying these little bottles everywhere, dripping these hopeful liquids on anyone who will allow it. You read and research and find that there’s always more to fall in love with. And then one day you realize you’re pretty dang nerdy about all of this natural wellness stuff. You’re an #oildork!

And you embrace that because in our team you’ll be surrounded by some of the BEST, smartest, kindest, hippest, coolest dorks you’ll ever want to know. People who will embrace you and support you and be just as excited about our mission as anyone ever could be.

Our doTERRA team is a family of #oildorks all proud to be just a smidge on the obsessed side of natural wellness and holistic living. Sure, it doesn’t happen overnight for everyone, but by now you’ll certainly admit intrigue, yes?

Thinking offering hope by the drop sounds like a pretty amazing way to make a living? Unbelievable even? It is. It’s incredible, keep reading to see what that  can look like. It’d be an honor to have you join us.


Work with us! a brilliant way to earn.

Through our passion for sharing these health-promoting, good-from-the-earth & good-for-the-earth products, we have grown a wonderful business that supports our growing family and farm. What started as empowering our family with simple tools that were accessible at all hours of the day, we now also offer others financial healing as well.

It began with one class–I just had to share these simple tools! That turned into 1 class a month, then 1 a week. We first paid for our oils, then payed for a few goats and fencing, and then we stepped it up. Through diligence, hard work and consistent commitment we have replaced and grown our income in ways we never thought possible! As our financial limitations slip away, our dreams grow. As our freedom grows, our passion for helping others achieve the same does also.

If you’re interested in starting a business that involves helping others on a path toward natural healing and empowerment–JOIN US! We are looking for folks who are interested in this opportunity, who are also eager to teach others and enable them with these gifts of Creation.

We offer several bundles to help Entrepreneurs get started, along with perks, support and training opportunities that will help you blossom as we have in this amazing industry. CONTACT US to get a list of specials and more information on the business.

We also offer continued support through our online forums, monthly live team calls, strategy sessions, weekly continuing education and business trainings, email campaigns and much more.

Become an #OilDork Today!

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