Drying in the Wind
pretty daikon flowers

 The other day I came home to a sweet surprise. Jewelry? Flowers? Chocolate? nope. my truly romantic husband bought me a clothesline. I’ve been pestering him for some time about getting one of the ‘square’ ones. We’ve had lines strung from the swingset the the apple tree in seasons past, but with more of our yard being consumed by potato plants, chicken tractors, and raspberry bushes it just wasn’t working anymore.

 this may not have been the best time to use it, but with our wickety-wack weather lately it’s been nearly impossible to get 3 sunny/dry hours in a row…

So, he stumbled across one of these umbrella style dryers at the hardware store and brought it home. Can I tell you, I had no idea how perfect it would be for our tight spot! First, it’s square-ish, so it doesn’t sprawl across the lawn. Second, it collapses in an umbrella type manner that makes it even smaller. Third, and this I had NO idea was a possibility, it comes out of it’s little sleeve in the ground to be stored away neatly when not in use…amazing. Oh wait, I forgot one other bonus–it spins! Meaning VERY easy clothesline accessibility. Love it.

Just thought some of you eco-friendly folks would want a little review of this modern marvel–meets nature friendly technology! Now I need to make one of these

Oh, and Drew made a Daikon Radish Recipe, and I grabbed some pics to share with you.

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