Enter Lebo & her dimply bum
waldorf doll
Naomi has been blessed with a new arrival, Lebo, from her Savta (paternal grandma). Savta is a top-notch sewer & MADE this beautiful Waldorf style Doll that Naomi loves. She goes everywhere with her, from restaurants & dance class, to memorial services & the grocery store, & of course–to sleep. Having had loads of practice making dolls, Savta is an artist & not only sculpted adorably simple facial features, but a dimply bum & newborn belly button. Don’t forget the “cloth” diapers (extras on the way). Lebo has been the perfect remedy for one big sister who wants desparately to put her newly learned nurturing skills to work.waldorf

Her name– Lebo
(derivative of “LeeLee”–nickname for little sister)
Her bottom–masterfully dimpled
Her cheeks–“naturally” pink
Her skin–0rganic cotton
Her size–perfectly preemie
Her Hair–comb-able mohair

**’Savta’ will take orders soon as she LOVES making these loved babes, and we’re working on a “party” in which mums can come & create the perfect doll for their own child. If you’re interested, let me know!

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