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New Career Path Developments on the Homestead!

Are You Looking for a New Career? We want you to join us!

About 3 months ago my husband sold his day job–the home theater business he had built over the last 9 years. It was an unceremonious transition that we likely should have made a bigger deal of. It served us well all those years and gave us a chance to explore entrepreneurship and to understand the meaning of residual income.

Drew was good at this job, he was proficient. It paid the bills and he didn’t hate it and things were good.

I’ve been proud of what he has done with it, even surprised by his adept ability to own and manage it alone. He managed employees, balanced the books, ordered equipment, talked to contractors, customer service, sales calls, filed taxes, answered phones, found transportation, managed employees, and sometimes he even got to do the part he liked–and that’s what being an entrepreneur looks like for most.

Oh, and sometimes he even managed to farm on our homestead, the thing we both love most, being in nature and learning all it has to offer us.

It started out as a different thing and ended as another one

In his company, home theater installs were really fun, but we quickly realized the security monitoring would offer a reliable income. Steady payments from customers who wanted their houses monitored were the backbone, and made long term sense, whereas installing home theaters only paid when there was work to be done, and hours put in.

The goal quickly became growing the security accounts, and by extension that residual income. And it did grow, and we were thrilled!

Then came doTERRA

Then came an unexpected twist. I met dōTERRA. And I fell for the oils.

And I couldn’t stop sharing.

I honestly had no earthly idea how the compensation plan worked, but I knew I was helping people, getting some side money, paying for my oil-habit, and having a great time.

And it grew!

I was consistent and committed to helping whoever wanted to find natural solutions that were powerful, easy, and safe. And within a year my monthly paycheck put the monthly residual income we’d built up through security monitoring to shame, and Drew said…‘let’s get serious.’

And now we are BOTH serious about sharing the oils for 2 reasons.

The reasons why you should get into essential oils business

These are reasons that are easy to get behind. Reasons that aren’t just self-serving. The company is people serving which means fulfilling careers that free us to live the lives we have always wanted on our homestead–and even beyond.

Are you interested in building a business for these 2 reasons? Call us, text us, email us, get in touch with us! Let’s talk!

Why Start an Oil Business (1)
  1. Health Freedom: Sharing these beautiful products is a life-changing experience. The texts, calls & messages we get on a daily basis about the way they have transformed peoples’ lives and wellness is a constant fuel for the spirit. They work, they just do. Facilitating the education that brings people to a new understanding of wellness, of Creation, and of healing. That is so rare in these modern days. It doesn’t require pay for us to keep going, but because we’re paid we can do so much more.
  2. Financial Freedom: Helping others achieve their dreams, find freedom, and begin to hope for more for their family’s financial wellbeing is just as rewarding. The entrepreneurial opportunity we offer is tremendous! We are so proud of our team! Of where they’ve come from and where they’re going. Just like we’ve seen amazing results with our products that are almost unbelievable. We have seen the same with what people are doing with the business opportunity as well. Big dreams are turning into reality–and bigger dreams are finding a place to grow.

This essential oils business is an unbelievable gift

I often wonder where we’d be if I’d not been so apprehensive in the beginning, about dōTERRA, about network marketing, about putting time and effort into something I’d never seen actually work before.

If I’d realized just what kind of gift dōTERRA had to offer, not just in the oils, but in the business model. If I’d realized the real potential of an essential oils business if I’d been just a little more serious. I don’t regret my journey, it has been wrought with growth and real personal development.

But, looking back I have some real advantages to offer in understanding the nuts and bolts, and with the system, we now provide for business growers and their career choices.

doTERRA essential oils business has changed us

While we didn’t enter the dōTERRA scene with our sights on replacing income with an essential oil business it has become that. It has replaced and multiplied it.

We are #oildorks through and through, and we’ve found that this world needs MORE like us!

People are not well, people are sick. They are tired of being sick and they are looking for new ideas, solutions, and tools to help them. We need more Oildorks!

I, WE are on a MISSION

We are on a mission to partner with more folks who are looking to improve their own physical, financial, and even spiritual wellbeing. In the way, we’ve seen so many already jump in and do. We are looking for folks who will help us spread hope by the drop with their own essential oils business.

We are looking for people across the globe who are motivated. Motivated to build a residual income while helping people find wholeness and wellness with the natural products we offer.

Are you that person? Do people look to you for advice? Or do you know people who need hope for their health? Do you want to empower people to take charge of their healthcare? Are you creative? Motivated? Passionate? Are you a committed individual who wants to challenge yourself? To be challenged? Have a burning desire to spread hope by the drop?

When can you chat? We would love to schedule a live call with you to talk about how you can get started. Email or text ‘let’s chat’ to 336.221.3785 now.

Can’t wait? Dive into these products with a kit today –Step #1  is immerse yourself in our pure and potent oils and wellness products, they are the best the world has to offer.

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