Sleep: Slumber Like Lumber!

If you can’t sleep well at night, or have a hard time getting that right spot or position to rest then this essential oil combination will help you sleep safe and sound. Even give you the greatest slumber of your life!

How important is sleep?

sleeping peacefully

Sleeping is a vital part of a person’s daily life. This is where we get half of the energy we have in our bodies. When we sleep, our body regenerates and replace the cells that died. It has also been proven to prolong one person’s life.

We need it to be able to function well the next day. So if you lack enough sleep, you’ll be grumpy, irritated, or lethargic the next day. This can also make you lose weight or make you overeat to compensate for the unreplenished energy when you don’t sleep.

What happens when you don’t sleep well enough?

Aside from not lethargic, and irritated, and grumpy as hell… you’ll have a weaker immune system and you can’t simply afford that.

Sleeping is like the second source of protection for our body. It strengthens our immune system and nowadays, a healthy and strong immune system is gold!

How can you help yourself sleep better and quickly?

slumber like lumber essential oil

We believe in natural remedy. We look for solutions around us, solutions that can be found in nature. Fortunately, we have an abundance of that nature around us. Add the fact that we have essential oils included in our lifestyle.

And essential oils, are practically concentrated forms of plants. Stronger but not harmful dose. They are instead very helpful and very healthy!

If you want to sleep better then check out this essential oils combo that we do for the whole family. This helps us sleep better and rest well enough, so that we have tons of energy the next day.

This combo has become a staple in our home!


It’s a simple roller bottle, but one that helps with everything from trouble sleeping, to a cranky 4 year old.  Just remember, never travel without it! It’s certainly the easiest way to insure you’ll be able to sleep somewhere other than your own bed!

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