Yoga Essential Oils Practic

Recently yoga students may have noticed a shift in their studio practice.

Yoga is becoming synonymous with essential oil usage. Whether it’s from diffusing Wild Orange oil during a yoga class, increasing energy levels and uplifting students, or applying Peppermint oil on your chest, over your lungs, opening airways and deepening your breathing practices.

Essential Oils & Yoga

People practice yoga for many reasons: mindfulness, relaxation, strength, and holistic healing.

Essential oils can support and boost a yoga practice. Similarly to yoga, throughout history, for thousands of years, people have used essential oils for healing and balancing purposes.

In working with Yoga instructors, we have found that doTERRA offers a unique and powerful opportunity to build a lasting residual income by adding oils to the Yoga experience. For that reason, we have an incredible opportunity for Yoga Instructors.

Essential Oils Homesteaders
Schoolhouse Oils Homesteaders Essential Oils
Schoolhouse Oils Homesteaders Essential Oils

Aromatherapy and doTERRA’s therapeutic oils enhance the yoga experience.

We want to make it easier for you to incorporate the oils into your practice. We put together a package that includes resources and tools to help implement the use of essential oils in an organic and seamless way–inviting those who start with this package to dive in and share what the oils offer. All while building residual income with doTERRA’s effective and generous compensation plan. Our training and continued support is included, of course!

Join us on our oily journey.

This kit offers an opportunity for individuals as well, that may benefit from the enhanced experience the oils naturally add to a personal Yoga routine. We encourage anyone with an interest in Yoga to jump in and enjoy what this exclusive kit has for you.

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Here’s a sneak peek into using essential oils to boost your yoga practice

Lavender Oil Essential Oils


Aid your relaxation in corpse pose by rubbing a few drops on the bottom of your feet just before the pose.

Peppermint Oil Essential Oils

Peppermint Oil

Maintain focus and stay calm by putting a few drops on your yoga mat prior to your practice.

Protective Blend Essential Oils

BalanceTM Oil

Feel the grounding support of this essential oil blend and improve your feelings of balance while assuming the tree pose.

Frankincense Oil Essential Oils

Deep Blue®

Increase muscle recovery by rubbing on sore muscles when you overdo it during your yoga practice.

Benefit from Essential Oils in Your Yoga Practice

Diffusing: Simply diffuse an uplifting or calming oil, like Wild Orange or Lavender oil, to set the mood for your yoga practice.

Purification: Use essential oils to purify and cleanse your yoga mat and other practice area. Put a mixture of the oils in a spray bottle, then prior to your yoga practice, spray your yoga mat and the entire studio. Not only does this deodorize your yoga mat, but it also warms up the space and clears the atmosphere for your practice.

Applying: Like we mentioned before, rubbing Peppermint oil into your yoga mat will help you maintain focus, or you can teach an aroma yoga class and practice with emotional intention. This involves using the oils topically in specific areas as well as smelling certain oils.

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Yoga Essential Oils Practic
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