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Why Essential Oils?

If you made it here you’re probably thinking “I’ve been hearing about oils everywhere, what is the deal?!”

The first thing people ask is why should I use essential oils!

The second thing they ask is “are they safe?”

Then once we cover those two things everyone always asks “ok… so how do I use them!?”

What are essential oils?

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Essential oils have been used for thousands of years as medicine. If you take a plant and squeeze it you can usually smell some of the essential oil. Think about a peppermint leaf that you crush! That’s the essential oil that you smell. Or an Orange peel that you squeeze in half. That little bit of mist is the essential oil! In nature, the plants use these oils to defend themselves against pests, animals, funguses, bacteria and anything else you can think about. We use those same properties to help us heal and be healthier. In fact, their chemical make-up is mimicked in modern medicine synthetically in an effort to mass produce at lower costs, and in a way that industrial manufacturers can manufacture.  But when you isolate certain properties or make them synthetic your body doesn’t respond as well to them.  So that’s it in a nutshell. Super simple…right?

Are they safe?

The short answer is YES! but there are a lot of imposters out there and a lot of things you need to watch out for.

Not all essential oils are created equal.

85% of the market is synthetic, diluted or concocted unnaturally. Many oils are grown and harvested in ‘synthetic’ environments, outside of their native environments and in ways that powerfully effects the potential health benefit the oils can offer.

The label ‘Pure Therapeutic Grade’ is common, but oils with this label are often heavily diluted with other saturated oils, alcohol or water.

Does your oil stain your clothes? can you smell a ‘chemical’ undertone? Does it sting when applied to cuts or scrapes? Is it murky? Does it change over time? Does it take more than 2 drops of peppermint in a hot bath or shower to fill your bathroom with strong scent?

Some are ‘random batch tested’, but any testing standards are completely up to the determination of the company itself–not some outside regulator, and often no testing is done at all. Does the label say ‘Not for ingestion?’ According to FDA standards, all but a few essential oils are GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe for internal consumption)

Farmers are often neglected, deprived and even starving as many of these plants are grown and harvested in third world regions. The land is depleted and the third parties that often peddle the oils to wholesalers are often dishonest.

Ok! So how do I use the oils?

Great question! I told you this would be one of your questions, didn’t I? Pure essential oils, from the company we work with, are safe to be taken internally. Remember some of those imposters we talked about above?

Our oils you can also use them in the air or on your skin. Our oil bottles are labeled with the three letters, A, T or I so you can know the appropriate ways to use each oil.

By far the most common and popular way to use them is to simply smell!  Taking a deep breath of an essential oil is a fast way to reap its benefits. Oils quickly reach the brain and enter the lungs when inhaled improving the mood and offering quick and effective support for the respiratory system.

Diffusing is an effective way to disperse the oils into the particles of air in a way that smells great, cleans and purifies by breaking down toxins and other airborne threats, and offers a wonderful healthful beneficial alternative to burning candles (usually scented with synthetic ‘fragrance’) or using other ‘air-freshening’ products that contribute to the toxicity of your environment.

Some of our favorite ‘diffusions’: the Protective Blend to kill germs and boost the immune system. Patchouli & Cedarwood to fend of gnats and flies and give a woodsy feeling. Wild Orange & Peppermint for an invigorating and joyful smell. Lavender and Cedarwood to promote very restful sleep.

This very powerful way to use the oils is simple and easy. Most of the oils are safe to use NEAT (directly on the skin), however–you increase absorption by diluting, and also decrease likelihood of sensitivity by spreading the oil over more area. doTERRA essential oils  can be diluted up to 90% and remain healthfully beneficial! So, using a good carrier oil like fractionated coconut oil,  or unscented lotion is a great way to also stretch your oils, making them last even longer!

For many needs, applying the oil directly to where you’re having an issue is the best. Achy muscles? Apply the soothing blend there. Stomach discomfort? Apply the digestive blend or peppermint on the navel. Stinky feet? Apply Melaleuca to the toenail beds.

There are also reflex points on the feet, hands and ears that are wonderful spots to apply oils for even more effective support.

Many of the oils have anti-oxidant benefits, like Lemon & Clove. When taken internally either in a glass of water, or in an empty gel cap, they work to help your body eliminate toxins that can build up and cause long-term health issues. An intensive cleanse can be a really great way to return to a more balanced state. Learn about our 30 day herbal & essential oil based cleanse here.

1 drop of lemon (or any citrus oil) in a glass of water is delicious. However, avoid using plastic or synthetic bottles as many of the oils break down petro-chemicals and will even eat through plastic or styrofoam. This is great for us–as anything in our bodies that is petro-chemical needs to be broken down and eliminated for optimal health.

Empty vegetarian capsules are easy to fill with the oils of your choice. There are several combos that are great to boost the immune system.

We often touch the top of a bottle, for example the Digestive Blend, and then touch under our tongue. This is a fast way to get the oils into the bloodstream while avoiding evaporation. Stomach discomfort, throat discomfort and more can find great relief from this quick method of internal use!

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