Finger Weaving Continued

finger loom
We’ve loomed a few hot pads on a metal loom from the craft store, but it was frustrating for Naomi & required a lot of input. The other day there was a feature of CraftSanity on Etsy & I look forward to buying one of these as a gift down the road. I hope she doesn’t mind me sharing a picture.

Today we made some more progress with the finger-weaving we started a few weeks ago. The end result is a trivet & it’s been right up her alley. She feels important making an everyday object with actual functionality–as I think most folks do. What joy there is in using a product of your own creation. How capable that makes one feel.
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& last night Drew made this for dinner (with chicken–not pork) & it was SOOOOOO good. So, so, so, so good. The picture doesn’t do it justic Rick Bayless is a little quirky, but good taste buds for sure.
on a side note, i’m trying out this new comment thing & not sure I love it, but it makes replying to your comments much simpler. any thoughts? like? no?

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