Finger Weaving

The addictive art of Finger Weaving

This simple way of using yarn seems like a great means of introducing Naomi to the great world of Fiber Arts. It was in our curriculum and I’m so glad. I’ve been wanting to buy her this, but the local yarn store hasn’t had them in–hopefully next week. But, there’s something very satisfying about creating something with no tool but your own 2 hands…(go ahead, sing it.)

how to finger knit
1. Tie a loop around your thumb & weave through fingers.
how to finger weave
2. Weave back to the thumb & where there are 2 layers on a finger, pull the bottom over the top & over the finger.
finger weaving tutorial
3. 4. 5. 6. (and on) Repeat again and again (here we transferred it to Naomi’s hand.
waldorf homeschool
she worked and worked.
waldorf education
Until she wanted a break. To save it for later we pulled a ruler through to hold the loops.
We’ll do more with it next week. and maybe get better yarn once we’ve perfected it…
and boy is it ever a blustery day. cuidado!


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