A Fortress out of a Sandbox…
We turned the sandbox into a cathedral fort this weekend. It works great & was simple–a $4 project.

Last birthday we dyed a bunch of play silks & through the winter used them in the girls’ room, but outside they just seem to catch the light more whimsically. Plus, the breeze makes them 3 dimensional. Of course, we want a playstand, but this is a quick & cheap fix for us penny pinchers.

Anyway, here are the quick steps it took to make our swing set the perfect place to build a fortress with a sanctuary feel.
1. Paint some wooden clothes pins (available at the dollar tree). I thought the slide on kind would be easier for little hands & water colors worked great–an easy project for kiddos, too.
2. Screw in some eye-screws. This can be difficult to start, I took advantage of some cracks in the wood to get the screws turning. Pre-drilling holes would make for easy turning.
3. String some twine or laundry line through the eyes of the screws, pull taught & tie off.
4. Hang away!
I think we’ll add line to the bottom as well eventually–it might ‘fortify’ the walls just a little more. This system is a great way to give the kiddos some privacy, a way to build forts easily, & also keeps the sandbox shady & cool. We also got thicker line to make the silks stay in place even better. Leviah is insane with them–& waddles around with them over her head like E.T. on Halloween. They make great dress up clothes & dancing accessories…
Don’t you love playsilks?


  • naqahdahnellie Posted April 7, 2010 5:41 pm

    I love this idea! My dad got Kieran a sandbox for easter, but it's not here yet. I'm going to keep this in mind!

  • Joy Posted April 8, 2010 12:32 am

    Our silks are some of our most played with toys. We even took some to London with us! I love your idea. We might have to try something like that. 🙂

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