Garden Growing and Making Unleavened Bread
everything is getting greener… 
daikon, new tomato seedlings, repotted plants, lettuces…
happenings in our garden? well, we’ve planted some of our awesome–and I can say that knowing how we’ve struggled to figure it out–tomato seedlings in actual beds and repotted a bunch more. Thinking about selling the extras, if we find people interested in heirloom, organically grown goodness…
LEARNED:  it took us a few days to identify one of the plants we sowed a month ago. Turns out it’s Daikon Radish. Drew looked for more info about it, and while there are loads of recipes, it’s also a great plant for cover cropping. Its roots delve down, even through really tough soils like clay breaking it up, then you can let them rot & your beds are ready for the next growing season. (this process can be stinky, apparently, keep that in mind!)

I stole the below pictured lettuce from the garden and this guy didn’t seem to thrilled about it…

Drew and the girls whipped up some ‘tortillas’ which we think are probably more authentic to what the Israelites would have eaten during this season…
It was SO yum. 

and the bread combined with the lettuce combined with some hummus and some homemade falafel topped with a smidge of ketchup–well, it was a very nice dinner.

How are things growing in your garden? Please share! Link below.

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  • Jeanette Posted April 27, 2011 4:48 pm

    I came over from Still Parenting–I'm excited to look around!

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