Garden: Solution to Quarantine Blues

How has your week been?

I don’t know about you, but I spent the last week hoping that April 1st would come with a global APRIL FOOLS announcement and we’d be over the hump of this mysterious time and into the next phase.

We’ll be fine, I know that’s true.

So, what are we doing to be fine? GARDEN!

We’ve been gardening a LOT. Ordering trees to plant, walking the property and finding new ways to add in food sources, flowers or anything that makes it feel more like an oasis.

I know not everyone has access to a garden as we do, but even we try to garden in a small space. It’s SO much easier to manage when you keep things close. We’ve learned the hard way, sprawling garden space means more weeds than we can handle June-August!

So, we’ve installed 4 new raised beds, we’ve weeded our herb spiral, and we’ve ordered a Garden Tower which is really more of a fun experiment for us, but could be THE garden solution for so many with small spaces. It is going to double our production because it’s such a super efficient way to grow!

While there are other vertical garden options out there, we are big fans of soil and composting, and while aquaponics is cool, we love dirt–and this tower holds dirt.

AND you can add your compost into the center where there is space for a worm composting system.

Kitchen scraps turned right back into food for worms, keeping your garden super nourished! We haven’t seen anything else that’s so user + soil friendly!

Ours hasn’t arrived yet–as expected, they’re in high demand right now–I keep finding inspiring pictures like the one below that make me even more eager to get started!

Are you growing a garden?

I’d love to know what you’re excited to grow this year!

The Grims’ tops 10 plant list for 2020:

  • Loofah–ours from last year is making the BEST kitchen scrubbers!
  • Zucchini–I love baking + cooking with zucchini.
  • Garlic–EVERY dinner is better with garlic!
  • Sweet Potatoes–we grow around the base of other plants, this year in our orchard, but they work really well under tomatoes to help prevent weeds and improve soil moisture.
  • White Sage–I’ve been burning sage to cleans the house, and it definitely helps shift the energy which can be really bleak. Along with frankincense diffusing, it’s so nice!
  • Tomatoes–several heirloom varieties. Cherokee Purple is an old favorite, but Amish Paste is great for canning.
  • Poppies– Hoping to get loads of blooms. Our girls are working toward a pollinator garden certification, so lots of flowers this year!
  • Nasturtiums–easy to grow, edible and a great companion plant that attracts loads of beneficial insects
  • Dill–Attracts the bugs that eat the aphids that love kale!
  • Sunflowers--attract birds, make great seeds for us all, and are super cheerful!
  • Pumpkin--I LOVE pumpkin everything, plus they keep for a long time. I love sugar Pumpkin, but I’m hoping for a new squash to work this year!

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