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To be a bridge in between current issues

I am not sure what to say, but I’m called to say that we want to be a part of the solution–on all fronts. More so with the current issues bombarding our society that is already and practically on life support.

Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.

Maya Angelou
be a bridge during current issues

If I had to choose one word about what I want to do with my life, it’s a bridge–to be a bridge from dark to light, ignorance to truth, sickness to health, hate to love. I want to help people see that there is a way to cross what feels like a great divide–what might be scary, unknown, uncomfortable, and maybe even impossible.

It’s not impossible.

There is hope, there is providence–there is even abundance.

That word, bridge, keeps popping up for me again and again, and I often feel weary knowing how best to apply myself to serve others, especially with our recent history, it is confusing and so difficult to navigate. And I can see that media is widening the river keeping us from bridging these gaps–I am doing my best to find trustworthy sources in the thick of it all and looking toward the stars in the darkness.

Somewhere in the middle…

I want to share the oil that we use so it might help you… but first I want to share a few of the resources that are helping us navigate #blacklivesmatter AND the COVID Crisis.

On political issues

I’m not apolitical, of course, we all have political dispositions. But, I cannot align with ANY politician in good conscience. I encourage everyone to step away from politics when making decisions for their health and opinions about fellow Americans. Committing to one camp or another is dangerous. We feel like we have to decide, but we don’t have to pick sides.

This choosing makes everything so divided and what I know to be true is polarization isn’t real–it’s the characterized version of where most of us fall: somewhere in the middle. Gosh, can’t we all just gather there?!

For the record, I am not a Democrat and I am not Republican so you can miss me with all your Left-Right talk. Both Wings are on the same Bird.

Ice T

This chart is well put together and gives us an opportunity to assess where we stand within antiracism. It also uncovers some uncomfortable, and somewhat unbelievable cultural issues that are real–even if we don’t identify with them. Warning–it may not be something you LOVE, but it might be something that is good for better awareness.

COVID Crisis

When it comes to COVID–I love people and want them to be safe and healthy. I think that when people understand the immune system better they will find the relief they seek and be healthier.

Zac Bush is a WONDERFUL resource and his wisdom and deep understanding of biology have been so helpful in clearing the murky waters that the COVID situation, as it has taken on a political nature.

current issues: covid-19

This interview, though long, deserves being heard.

I’d love to hear what you think–even if it DOESN’T resonate. I’m open to disagreeing! But when I listened, all the pieces from my experience with nature fell into place. It was an AHA hour and a half.

Want more?

This podcast with Tony Robbins was also thorough and thought provoking.

Everything is so different now with these current issues

The tone of this blog doesn’t match our norm. But, neither does the world right now.

We’d be foolish to pretend our minds are steadily on anything other than these issues. And, as promoters of the idea that one should never stop learning, we shouldn’t isolate that to the topics that we’re comfortable with. And as un-fun as these topics are, we need to continue our quest for a deeper understanding. So, we are listening, we are learning and we share with so much love.

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