HOMEBIRTH: Rally in Raleigh
Raleigh yesterday: It was great to be there, and I think it was even a good homeschooling lesson! We talked with Naomi a lot about ‘government’ and how in the US we are free to say what we don’t like and try to get things changed (however sometimes our freeness seems just a bit stifled). 
But, we spoke with the aide to our Senate representative and hope that that will help bring this issue to attention. We can’t expect change if we don’t help make the people who represent us aware of the situation.
thank you friends and family, who came to support!

Over 600 people showed to support the cause, and it was a BEAUTIFUL day. Upper 60s, sunshine, and everyone was upbeat. Great, great day. Now…no, not wait. Now, get busy! If you’re NC and can take a minute to call, email, write or stop by your representatives office, please do! (find out who represents you here).

We had an opportunity to visit our friends’ bakery and Leviah pointed out the beauty of the day.

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