Homes for Crickets and Toads.

There are many things to share from our week long Sukkot camping adventure, but to delve into it all is a little overwhelming. So, I will pick one thing that actually calms me just thinking about…

We built a village. The little ones napped and Drew, Naomi & I sat in the shade ’round a mossy spot and used sticks and stones and pine needles and acorns and leaves and built a little fairy village. It was utterly relaxing and a great way to open Naomi up to ingenuitive thinking.

It surprisingly nice and simple and only one of the very fun times we shared through the week, but as I look through the pictures (it was well documented, Drew & I took turns trying to capture it perfectly) I feel the calm of the process…

I can’t think of a better way to encourage imagination. Perhaps there’s a cricket or a toad making themselves cozy round the fire right about now. This will be a new tradition to help us sit and enjoy our days outside. I think we may start treating them like GeoCaches so others can look for them–wouldn’t that be a fun thing to treasure hunt for? And add to? This article triggered my memory of making them as a kid. And of course, Magic Onions always has inspiring fairy garden ideas!

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