As Hippies & Homesteaders our life leads us to new discoveries in nature everyday.

You’ve probably had one of these kinds of evenings, right? One surprising winter’s evening at a friends home we found out about a product and a company that was dedicated to making the world a healthier and safer place. Since that chance encounter, we have jumped at the opportunity to share these pure products, products that have empowered us in times of emergency and illness, with our loved ones and the world. There was just no way to not share with everyone. So now we offer classes, one on ones, wellness consults and more to teach people how simple and accessible natural health and healing can be.

It’s really simple and the cool thing is….we have the tools to share with you to make you feel comfortable and ready to start helping your friends and family. We’d love to have you on this super fun and meaningful path with us.

I know what you’re thinking. Does it really work? Natural health stuff usually smells bad! It’s not easy to use! OH! and natural stuff is expensive! I know these were all the same things I was thinking.

Let’s do this! I’ll give you some free samples. As consultation, so you know how to use them, and a discount from the full retail prices.

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We invite you to discover!

Just as our family has, the ease and convenience essential oils have at opening up the world of natural and alternative healthcare in our daily lives. Peppermint for occasional head tension and soreness, cooling body temps and so much more! Lavender and Cedarwood for sleeplessness! Frankincense to support the neurological, muscular and skeletal system–giving your body the tools it needs to perform at its best! The Protective Blend offers the perfect immune boost to fend off seasonal illnesses and is great for oral health. These are only the beginning. For help identifying tools for your particular needs.

Essential Oils Homesteaders

We appreciate your business as it helps support our family homestead.

We are dedicated to setting up a sustainable farm where we have great plans of sharing and educating those we meet on the ways we can all incorporate simple, logical and sustainable systems to ensure a healthy future.

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