How To Create a Mini Water Garden On a Budget.

Creating a mini water garden

To create a mini water garden we made a little pond. All we did was take a whiskey barrel use half of it to make a cheap mini water garden.

It’s been really fun to watch it evolve over the years. We started it six years ago. We plug up the hole in the bottom of one-half of these barrels.

Where to get cheap whiskey barrels?

You can get these barrels at garden stores. We filled it with water. It was kinda gross actually, for a long time. It grew other things in it, that we didn’t mean for it to grow.

And then, last year, at Lowe’s – this is how I buy plants, I always get them off a clearance rack at Lowe’s usually, because I’m, thrifty. And I saw that they had water plants that were a dollar or something, so I got a few. I forget what the other ones were, but waterlily was one of them, I put it in the thing, and then this summer, low and behold, the lilies started coming up everywhere. They’re giant.

We actually went to the fair last fall and won some goldfish. So the goldfish are still living in there too. They lived through there all through the winter. We had three, it’s down to two that we know about, but they seem to love it in there. So it’s been a really fun little project!

Mini water garden: The pros and cons

What I love is the ecosystem seems balanced. There are no mosquitoes because the fish eat them. The lilies are blooming now. It’s been really, really fun. I think on a budget, one of the things that I get frustrated with gardening is, it can be such an investment. Everything is so expensive. I think we probably have invested a total of $40 to $50 in that little thing. And it’s been really, really fun to have.

water lily blooming in water barrel pond.

The only thing I would add to it, that’s not already there, you can get little solar fountains that you can put in there. We’ve had that before, but it died. We had it for several years. But they’re pretty cheap, to replace it. We just haven’t done it.

So anyway, I just thought I would share that with you because I feel like it’s a really good idea. And… cheap. Something that you could totally do yourself!

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