How to get rid of a bad smell in your house?

This is a story about stinky things. We are going to talk about how to get rid of bad smell in your house.

We live on a far where it is hot outside and things get really smelly around here often. Whether its something rotting, decaying, or an animal doing something stinky, we have a lot of bad smells.

Also, we don’t have a truck but we have to drive our livestock around every once in a while.

If you live on a farm and you have animals, you know that happens, and you know about the smells. You know that it is unavoidable and you’re always looking for ways to make things smell better.

The baddest smell ever

Hence, we are going to tell you this story of how we over nasty smells.

It starts with some sheep and goats that we have to carry around in our suburban which is a closed-in vehicle and an upholstered one at that. You can already see that it is not ideal for traveling with livestock.

Our suburban is basically an enclosed truck. It is out farm vehicle, we use it for everything. Hauling and carrying the kids around town, and the likes. It’s a beater! But we don’t really care about that too much because it’s comfortable, drives, works, and it’s safe.

But when it gets stinky, which is does on occassion because of the kids, due to livestocks… it is even worse. And the worse smell that you can imagine is goat urine.

Now we have a trailer that works a little bit better

Goat urine is literally the worse smell. Some people think it’s cat pee. Cat pee’s pretty terrible, but it’s not as bad as goat pee. Male goat urine is the worse smell on the planet. It has all these pheromones to make goats attractive. I don’t know, but it’s terrible. So we had to take a goat into the car and we did so. It was at the back of the suburban, and of course, while it was it there it peed and it made the car smell terrible.

We didn’t even wanna get in there.

The car smelled so bad, we didn’t know what to do about it. We sprayed it with things and we tried all kinds of air freshener type situations and it just wasn’t cutting it. So finally we had this idea and it was so simple and so effective, I decided I had to share it with you.

And you’re gonna be like, “What? That’s too cheap to be really effective!”

Overcoming the bad smell

I know people will pay a lot of money to make things smell good.

Even if you don’t have goats that pee in your car, this works on a myriad of different things. We’ve used it on our mattress for different things, and on kids mattresses. Used it in the bathroom. We’ve used it on upholstered items like couches, the sofa. We have used it in all kinds of stinky shoes, you name it.

It’s a really, really, really powerful way to get rid of nasty smells.

The funny thing is I don’t really like the smell of it myself, but it smells better than goat urine and the smell of it doesn’t really linger as much, it just kind of kills the nasty smell that maybe exits for some reason that you don’t really know.

If you’ve ever had musty laundry, it’s amazing for that. We’ll put it in our laundry, our washer. Maybe you forgot to take the wet laundry and put it in the dryer, that gets really stinky, and we use this a lot for that.

It’s very, very complex.

It’s Purify.

Purify the nasty bad smell

You probably have already guessed it.

If you’re familiar with this oil or have heard me talk about goat pee before, you’ll know Purify has a terrible smell.

Some people love it, I’m not one of them. It smells like cilantro mainly and it also has lime in it and lemon in it, and Siberian fir and citronella and melaleuca and it’s just not my favorite blend, it really isn’t, but it’s very, very useful when it comes to smells.

It was developed to be a cleansing blend. So it’s really a cleaner for your kitchen counters and it does sanitize really, really well. It also is a great cleanser for people, so you can put it on the bottoms of your feet and it has amazing cleansing properties to support your liver and kidneys.

And even heavy metal exposure, it can help with that.

Purify is amazing for humans, but also for cleansing and cleaning up bad smells.

This time of year, it’s really important, there’s a lot of mildew and mold and those kinds of smells, and you can use it for those things too.

And because it’s so hot and just kind of oppressive, it’s harder to get smells out.

How to use Purify to get rid of bad smell

I’ll tell you what I do with Purify.

It’s not just as simple as using oils, although it can be. This is even a hack to make the oil work even better. Purify can br ultimately used to get rid of bad smell.

Steps to use Purify to get rid of bad smell

Step 1

Get a mason jar. You probably have a few of these lying around or any kind of empty jar. And then I have a specialty lid, if you don’t have some of these, you should get them.

Take some baking soda, and you can use any old baking soda, doesn’t have to be the fancy Clabber Girl. And it’s deodorizing on it’s own, so I would put it in the jar.

Step 2

I would fill the jar to about halfway, maybe a cup of the baking soda and then three or four drops of the Purify.

Would it work on a mattress? Yes, absolutely. So I will use this on a mattress. I actually prefer just straight melaleuca and then lavender on my mattress ’cause I want it to smell sort of like sleepy, comforting, calming kind of smell, but if you have a terrible smelling mattress, then I would use this.

Like if it’s a really bad smell, maybe refresher, then I would do that. If it’s a terrible smell, you can’t really overdo it, 25 drops in a cup of baking soda.

Step 3

And then just sprinkle this over the area that’s stinky. Leave it there for at least 3 hours then after that dust it or vaccujm the sprinkled powder mixture away. Once you do that you’ll see that you got rid of the bad smell.

Other uses of Purify

Bathroom cleaner

So if this is in a shower, sprinkle it in the shower and let it sit there for as long as you can let it sit there and then scrub it down and it’ll, it polishes your shower at the same time

On a mattress, let it sit for a few hours and then come with a vacuum. This is what we did in the back of our Suburban on the upholstered place where the goat pee had gotten, and within a few hours, we actually left it overnight, I think, a couple of nights we left it in there and just kinda let it seep into the upholstery and vacuumed it up and the smell was gone.

We thought that smell was never gonna go away.

It doesn’t just get rid of the bad smell but also the rotting smell too!

Some other things I know are kinda common that happen in cars is maybe some meat will fall out of your grocery bag and you forget about it. That happened to us recently. When I was a kid, I remember we lost some meat in one of the cracks in the car and it smelled like death.

so I think it was overnight the next day, we’re like what in and the world, and this is the same thing that we did.

It fortunately didn’t get into the upholstery, but that smell, Purify just conquers every bad smell.

Cat pee smell remover

So it’s an amazing oil blend for cleansing anything, but particularly bad smells.

And while I don’t love the smell of it, some people love it, so don’t go based on that, it is way better the smell of rotting carcasses and goat pee. And cat pee, too, would be a good option for that.

Get rids of flies too!

And anything that’s attracting flies, it would be good for that, which is just what I’m thinking of right now as our place is really hot and humid. I think about the flies come to stuff, and maybe your porch. Your covered deck is kinda mildewy too. This would be a great alternative to use versus some kind of an herbicide or fungicide, which can have a lot of chemicals in it and things that you just don’t really wanna expose yourself to.

Start getting rid of bad smells with Purify

Like I said, even if you’re just adding it to loads of laundry, it’s a really powerful way to get a better smelling laundry, and cleaning out that mustiness. It actually cleans up and it acts as a fungicide itself, just a natural fungicide without the chemicals and the toxins. It is not just a tool to get off the bad smell but it has lots of other uses too!

Anyway, that’s it. I’m done.

I hope you’re excited about what Purify can do for you and how simple this little tip is. Go ahead, make the most of it and share anything that you would like to share about this oil in the comments below, maybe you’ve had an experience with it that it’s worked really well for.

Or if you have questions, feel free to post ’em and we’ll get back to you.

Want to get your own bottle of Purify?

You can buy it here and help support our farm.

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