Easy Homemade Bird Feeders To Make with kids
easy bird feeder for kids

These easy homemade bird feeders to make with kids are such a fun and easy project that will get them outside and seeing birdies! 

Making easy homemade bird feeders with kids out of home waste is a good way to help the environment and the animals! Feeding the birds, and reducing waste–it’s a twofer! And they couldn’t be easier to make either, super simple and super fun!
Our family loves to sit in the mornings and watch the birds on the feeders and try to learn what kinds of birds they are. Mostly we will see cardinals, chickadees, and tufted titmice on the feeders. And, occasionally we will catch a goldfinch or a white-breasted nuthatch eating, but not very often!
You could use all kinds of random things to make a bird feeder with! but the three things that we’ve used are:
1: Grapefruit rinds 
2: Crusty bagels 
3: Milk jugs 
4: Pinecones + peanut butter + birdseed

easy bird feeder for kids
                      Above is the crusty bagel simple homemade bird feeders!
These are SO simple to make with kids and lots of fun to watch the bird eat off of. 
Step 1: Take your crusty bagel and smoother it in peanut butter!                      Step 2: Then take your birdseed ( i would definitely recommend using sunflower seeds the birds go crazy for them! ) And cover the peanut butter smothered bagel with them
Step 3: And all that’s left now, is to go outside and find a good tree for your awesome bird feeder! 
  easy homemade bird feeder for kidsAbove is the homemade milk jug bird feeder and the grapefruit bird feeder.  
                                        How to make the milk jug feeders! 
Step 1: take your empty milk jug and cut out the sides in a circle for the
birds to perch on!
Step 2: Pour some birdseed in the base of the milk jug and then you’re done! 

Easy homemade grapefruit bird feeder

easy homemade Grapefruit Bird Feeder for kids

Here’s how to make a simple homemade grapefruit bird feeder!

Step 1: Take your grapefruit and some toothpicks, and stick the toothpicks in at three points in your grapefruit for the birds to land on! Step 2: You”ll need some string for this part; Take the string and tie a double knot around the toothpicks on all three sides. Step 3: Then take your strings and tie a knot ( or double knot ) at the top of the strings. Cut the top of the strings off if needed. That’s all! Enjoy watching the birds!!

We recommend hanging them near a window so you can sit inside and watch the birds from the warmth of your home!

Need a snack while you watch? We’ve got challah cooking in the background at the moment, the perfect way to end our week. Have you made challah? Here’s our SIMPLE family recipe–ENJOY!

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