How to relieve allergies fast and naturally

How I managed my allergies back then…

For a lot of years, I thought our only options for allergy relief was to take over the counter medication. I remember standing in the drug store aisle trying to think of what I would take next because the other ones I was taking made me so sleepy! Then they came out with Zyrtec and my life changed! I was able to stay awake AND not be dying from allergies.

When I say dying I mean my eyes would be all red, scratchy & watery, sometimes my nose would be running, and my throat would be soooo itchy. Usually, lots of sneezing too! It was rough. Most people know someone like this–if not themselves.

I thought I found the solution to allergies… but then

Things seemed great! I’d found a solution that worked for me. BUT then, after a while of using Zyrtec, I started getting nose bleeds. Like EVERY DAY.

It was enough to scare the bagizels out of me. Sure enough, I read the box (not BEFORE, but AFTER I’d been taking it a while…) and this was on the list, along with a load of other potential side-effects! So I stopped the pills completely and really dove into the natural world hoping to find something effective.

The good news is–Nature WORKS! I haven’t had to go back to those medications in over 15 years! Hopefully this will help you or someone you know find a safer & effective alternative.

Natural Remedies for your allergies

Apple Cider Vinegar

apple cider for allergies

It doesn’t take a lot, in fact, simply add a couple of tablespoons to your water in the morning. Do it every day or at least three times a week.

The key is that you want the kind with the “active mother” still in it. The kind with lots of floaties. Those floaties are what’s going to help you! You can also mix in some honey to take make it a little more palatable–it will seem strong at first, but it’s also amazing for gut health and acid reflux. TONS of reasons to make it a part of your regular routine.

Local Raw Honey

honey for allergies

You need real local honey, not the stuff you get at the store. Local raw honey are more effective for allergies than store bought ones.

Find a farmer and then ask these questions:

  • Do you use any chemicals to treat your hive?
  • Do you pasteurize your honey?
  • When was the honey harvested?

You want chemical-free honey, that has not been pasteurized, and was harvested in late spring or early summer. We want the bees to have collected the honey at the time of year you are having your allergy issues.

Think about it, different trees and flowers bloom at different times of the year, we need the allergy pollen to be in the honey. When the bees harvest that special honey for you they drop little tiny bits of pollen from each flower (They are super tidy little bugs but they let that slide) into the honey and that’s what helps you build a natural immunity.

This may not be an overnight fix. You need to make this part of your daily habits all year around. If you’re just starting, give it a week or two to notice a difference, but you may notice relief from scratchy throat instantly!

Netti Pot

salt for allergies

This one took me a while to try. Salts and pots for allergies.

Basically, it’s a little clay pot with a spout that you use to flush out your sinuses. The water goes up one nostril and then out the other. After you do one side, you send new water back to the other side. It feels great afterward and washes all the pollen out of your sinuses.

“Do WHAT now?!”

kosher salt

It does take a little practice and the first few times you do it, do it while standing in the shower so you don’t have to worry about making a mess. If you don’t get the right angle the water will come into your throat. Don’t panic just tilt your head forward a little more. Trust me, the first time I did it I made a mess everywhere, I was choking on the water running down my throat and the salt was too strong so my nose was burning. It was ridiculous! But, not everyone makes the same mistake, so don’t be afraid to try!

Probiotics and Enzymes

probiotics and enzymes for allergies

This one took me a while to make the connection but has probably been one of the best changes I’ve made. Think about your allergies this way: They are an immune response from your body. So, if you have a healthier immune system you can reduce the allergy symptoms quite a bit.

You may be wondering, “But how does a probiotic help your immune system?”

Great question! 70-80% of your immune system is in your intestines; having a healthy gut gives you a healthy immune system! The key here is to find an effective probiotic. With so many on the market, here are some things to be aware of:

  • SHELF STABLE: Refrigerated probiotics die as soon as they hit your mouth. Think about it, if they have to be refrigerated to stay alive, how are they going to make it to your intestines before they die? That’s if they’re actually still alive after having been shipped to the store in an unrefrigerated truck…
  • PREBIOTICS INCLUDED: Powdered probiotics and many others don’t have a prebiotic which is the food the probiotic eats while it waits to be eaten by you. Yes–living things need food, without it, they die. Dead probiotics are worthless!
  • DOUBLE ENCAPSULATED: Then you have ones that are double encapsulated. The first capsule allows the probiotics to make it through your stomach and then into your large intestine. That’s where we want it!

Essential Oils

essential oils for allergies

ESSENTIAL OILS! You knew this was coming, didn’t you?! My new allergy pill is a combination of lemon, lavender, green mandarin, and peppermint. That’s it! The best part is there are not any negative side effects from this combo. I make this combo into a roller bottle (3 drops each + Fractionated Coconut oil) and I also put one drop of each in a pill and take two to three times a day depending on how bad the allergies are.

essential oils

The best part is that this combo works within a couple of minutes. It’s not like some of the above that takes a while to change your body.

So, now I’m sure if you were like me the first few times I heard all of this, your head is spinning a little on where to start. It’s ok we can make this happen…just take little steps.

The best way to start is by doing.

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