It’s time for some spring cleaning in our lives

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If you don’t want to read all of that at the moment: Short version– our goal is to help everyone to LEARN BETTER, to DO BETTER, to LIVE BETTER & to BE BETTER–TOGETHER.

This is going to take all shapes and sizes. Some videos, emails, blog posts, social posts, and of course hands-on events to help everyone (including ourselves) in all of this. It’s a community-based notion, and we hope you’re excited for the connections to come!

To start, what better to discuss in the spring time than cleaning?

No matter what your view of the Divine, we respect you and your journey. But for us, Spring is a special time of connection as we celebrate the Feast of Passover.

Why am I telling you this?

This holiday really boils down to one theme: cleaning up!

Every spring we go through our whole house and clean out all the leaven (yeast). We search and clean out every nook and cranny, the back of the fridge, the stove, under all the cushions… it always feels DREAMY when the house is fresh, from top to bottom.

Cleaning out all the garbage from the previous year is more than just a physical act. As we physically clean, we also consider the spiritual side, considering what we might need to shed on a spiritual and emotional level to move forward with the hope and renewal Spring offers.

Seeking out and ridding our environment from forgotten staleness that no longer serves us, and then ridding our spaces of it is cathartic, and makes us open to receive what WILL serve us. With a fresh home, our hearts open to the hope and the promise of renewal–of Spring. Every part of us needs this kind of refreshing, like the rebooting of a computer, or flipping of a mattress–our lives can fall into patterns and the filth we don’t seek out–though well hidden–can really weigh us down.

So, what are 3 EASY things we can do better to free up not just our physical spaces, but our bodies & our minds as well?

Learn Better – Clean up those cleaners!

Here’s the deal, modern cleaners are horrible on so many levels.

  • They are really bad for our health. The toxic chemicals in the cleaners truthfully do more harm than good. Here’s an article about how bad they are 8 Hidden Toxins: What’s Lurking in Your Cleaning Products?
  • They don’t clean as well as natural cleaners. They kill the good and bad equally which in the end leaves us sicker and more susceptible to germs. (They also kill us, and our brain-cells 🙁 )
  • Side by side with natural cleaners, like On Guard essential oil, even bleach falls short. Bleach bleaches, but it doesn’t clean very well! Within hours of use, bacteria and viruses can be once again thriving. On Guard cleans surfaces (4 drops to 32 oz of water dilution) and the surface remains clean for up to a week, even killing germs that land on it!)
  • They produce a lot of waste and pollute our water. (Plastic is here forever)
  • Dryer sheets are estrogen disrupters. Think about that. You have that on your skin all day!
  • Dishwashers are like giant diffusers, spreading chemicals far and wide into the air of your home!
  • Our homes are 70% more polluted than the air outside 🙁

So what can we do better?

Some of the most powerful cleaners available are SUPER simple products like distilled white vinegar, baking soda, borax, essential oils, and liquid castile soap.

Perk: Cleaning with oils is super fun and also–SO CHEAP! You can save loads of cash with a few simple ingredients and make almost ALL the cleaning products you’ll ever need, from window spray to toilet bowl cleanser to dish soap.

If you’re not into making cleaners yourself that’s ok. The key it to look for companies that are trying to make sure our water is protected and clean, and that we can recycle the containers.

All the ingredients needed for laundry soap that works better than anything you can buy.

Ok so get these ingredients and make this soap for your laundry. You won’t be sorry. We have step by steps on how to make it on our instastories.

You can also check out an online cleaning webinar we did on green cleaning that is chock full of ideas for cleaning up your cleaners.

Do Better- Cleanse your body

Let’s start with the first response we get from anyone we tell they need to cleanse. “I don’t have time to sit in the bathroom for a week!” We get it, that is what we tend to think ought to be. But, good news, it doesn’t have to be so dramatic. .

Why would we want to cleanse?

Here’s the main reasons:

  • It resets your metabolism
  • Helps you loose weight by flushing toxins
  • Resets your hormones
  • Improves your skin and hair
  • Purges your lymphatic system
  • Clears up brain fog
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Reduces depression
  • Reduces infertility
  • Increases energy levels
  • lots more…

Do you get the point? All of the main issues that you hear people dealing with on a regular basis. It’s all of those.

Let me put it another way: You know how you’re supposed to replace your air conditioning filters in your house so your unit runs efficiently? Or how after so many months or miles you’re supposed to replace the oil and filter in your car? Or if you’re more crunchy how you’re supposed to replace your Berky filters or at least give them a scrub down? We live in a toxin-heavy world, we need to support our filtration system!

So how do we cleanse?

  • We like the Cleanse & Restore system because it’s gentle (no extended bathroom time).
  • We can also do things like ice baths, smoothie fasts and more.
  • SUPER SIMPLE: adding citrus essential oils like grapefruit or lemon (delicious!) to your water, and upping your water intake (ideally half your body weight in oz). They flush out toxins regularly, and help boost energy at the same time.
  • Up raw fruits and veggies–try doing one green salad a day, a fruit smoothie for breakfast.
  • Reduce or eliminate all processed sugars and refined grains.
  • Take a few tablespoons of apple cider vinegar a day.

Remember, if you have never cleaned or if it has been awhile it’s perfectly normal to feel bad for a few days while you are doing it. This is part of your body getting rid of the toxins (detox has a bad rap for a reason!). It will go away, and you will feel better than ever, just stick with it!

You can check out our webinar on using the doterra cleanse protocols here. Cleanse Webinar
Also download this quick guide for boosting your metabolism: 5 ways to boost your metabolism

Feel Better- Clear your mind and Plan

Yep this is some kind of hippy stuff. To be honest its new for us! Since the new year, we’ve been intentional with our days, weeks, and months. Are you?

We have made changes to our morning so that we are in more control of our time. With the days getting longer and the mornings being light earlier, this is a great time to make this change!

It’s really pretty simple

Get up a little earlier, start just 10 minutes early, and try incorporating some of these new things.

  • Leave your phone outside of your room. If you don’t have another alarm put the phone so far away from your bed that you have to get out of your bed to turn the alarm off.
  • NO MORE SNOOZE- don’t do it. science shows that hitting the snooze sets you up for a mentally slow day. If you can’t wake up blast some cold water on your face. But whatever you do don’t snooze
  • Now that you are awake. Find a place to write how you are feeling, journal a bit and write a message to yourself on how you want the day to go. Check out the book High Performance Habits by Brendon Burchard for great prompts and inspiration.
  • Write out your plan for the day. Just 5-10 minutes worth of scheduling things like: What will happen when? Who do you need to talk with? What are your three main goals for the day? How do you want to feel by the end of the day?
  • Then answer these same questions weekly and monthly. Do not forget to ask yourself what you are grateful for every day, week, and month too!

Now do it for yourself!

By doing these simple things you take control of your day–of your own time. You become your own boss. You reduce your anxiety by knowing what your day will bring and how you plan to feel. It will help your mind focus on what you actually WANT for your life and business. If time is our most valuable commodity, we must remember that it is ours to give, and realize that we are making choices every day about where that goes, OR we’re letting someone else dictate how we spend it.

Once you get comfortable with this routine, add some stretching, some breathing exercise, drink 16oz of water, take your supplements, meditate, pray…

WARNING: My morning routine started at 10 minutes every morning– Now I am at an hour, but, I have never felt so in control of my days!

Download our guide to beating your anxiety: 5 ways to stop Anxiety Guide

Where are you going to start with YOUR Spring Cleaning?

Our hope for you is that you’ve Learned Better so you
Do Better, Feel Better & Be Better!

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