Lambing Unexpected.

What a day to forget the camera at home. I recycle pics from our last trip.

Today we had to run ‘country’ errands. What does that mean? Well, first, visiting the home of a co-worker that is willing to baby-sit the bee hives while our house is on the market. More on that later. Then, ‘grocery’ shopping.

So, you take an address or 2, pop them into a GPS device, turn the settings of said device to ‘avoid highway’ & you’re off. Turn where you wish, willy-nilly style, & you’ll get where you’re going.
That’s just how it happened. Our second stop today is the most important detail of how we ended up seeing what we couldn’t document via megapixel: Rising Meadow Farm. I discussed this place some here, but in an effort to buy local & celebrate the upcoming holiday (Passover) with real pizazz we went for the leg of lamb available only direct from the farm. Boy are you gonna be jealous. They told us to be there at 5:30, at which time they’d be wrapping up some bottle feeding of newly born lambs.
We get there, a-lah country style: 5:50pm. Drew headed out first to locate someone, but nothing. So, on down to the source of reckless bleating–a field of mamas & babes just baaaing away. Then, round into the barn where we were invited in to view the NEWEST lambs you could ever see, not even a day old. But wait!
The dear farmers couldn’t tend to our meat buying needs immediately because–get this–there were lambs on the way; we could watch if we wanted.
Watch if we wanted?! We would have come, paid & had trouble not gathering a crowd if we’d known this was coming!
So sweet, amazing, adorable, magnificent, wonderful…they’ve been lambing for days & look a bit tired, but wow. The mama got one out then they took a break before (they suspect 2 more) the others are ready to come as well.
this image from here
Now we buy meat.
Is there something that pulls on your heartstrings as you purchase a leg that once belonged to such an innocent & miraculous creature? Absolutely. A connection, a REAL solid connection that is far beyond the convenience of Wendy’s drive thru or the supermarket price-cut section. I won’t point fingers or name names or even ask for remorse & second thoughts, but this comprehension of life, sacrifice & the work that bring sustenance to us all is a tragedy if lost & perhaps the demise of our civilization. Perhaps.
Right now, it’s not lost on us. We drove home with a sense of wonder & excitement; and with 5 pounds of what will be thoroughly appreciated & celebrated meat.


  • naqahdahnellie Posted March 25, 2010 3:08 pm

    What a cool adventure! I'm glad you got to watch!

  • Melissa Posted March 25, 2010 5:21 pm

    I get you. It's why we are OK with eating meat, too (although not 100% of our meat comes this way.) Do you know about Cane Creek in Snow Camp? It's a pig farm (don't know if ya'll are kosher) but it's lovely and the meat is amazing.

  • school house oils Posted March 25, 2010 7:44 pm

    Melissa, we need to go to this. The piedmont farm tour is at the end of april & we may try to actually participate this year…we do eat kosher, but they carry beef, too. right? looks like it from their site.

  • Nicole Spring (Frontier Dreams) Posted March 26, 2010 3:08 am

    Eeeeeek! What cute pics, even if they are recylced 😉 Sounds so wonderful! We need to find a local place to see lambs.

  • Kallie Posted March 26, 2010 11:00 am

    Once again…soooo jealous. It seems like you do really cool things in between sicknesses:) Hopefully all that yucky stuff will finally be over now that spring is here. I am sad we won't be able to share Passover with you guys:( Enjoy the lamb and the victory of the true Lamb.

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