L’Chaim! (to life)
We’ve had AMAZING weeks here. Truly amazing. The weeks that really make it all exactly what we expected and all that we want to do! Babies. Babies. Babies. Everywhere. Leviah said it best ‘It’s like it’s baby season around here!’

meet Craig (front) & Cecile–twins from Clover

Video minutes after birth.

So far 4 kids from our goats. It was the first birth for all of them, and they all did amazing! There are 2 left that haven’t birthed and while we *think* they are pregnant, we could very well be wrong. We are new at this. So new. We milked one mom briefly, and tasted. Warm milk is not my thing, so that was a big deal for me…but, hopefully we’ll get the hang of that too and be able to take advantage of an other product from this homestead.


The garden is well underway as well, and it’s a weird year to be sure. It seems un-productive and we’ve only harvested Spinach thus far. Which I love. We’re working on setting up systems that will allow us to harvest spinach and lettuce and kale year round. Still in the planning stages there.

nursing piglets–caution, image may offend those who think breastfeeding lewd.

Our first ever wwoofer is coming this weekend. That is intimidating too! We want so badly to make this place an open-type environment, but in reality housing strangers is just a little scary. I can’t wait to get the knack of that, because we could use the help. So many plans.

But, the point of this post is just to say. l’Chaim. To life. (if you are not familiar with Fiddler on the Roof, well familiarize yourself. And listen to the song again and again. l’Chaim!)

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