Life is a Bucket Full of Cherries

Cherry picking was a great success! We went to Ayer’s in Cana, Va. It’s about an hour and a half from here, but so beautiful. They were sweet enough to let us in to pick a day early, so we had the orchard nearly to ourselves.

Eliza enjoyed herself, especially riding high the carrier–as of late she’s not loved the ergo, this way she can see more, and doesn’t get as hot.

We picked almost 50lbs of cherries, we had a hard time stopping there. It was really relaxing to work on this ‘chore’ as a family. Not to mention the pitting, canning, cooking, drying and freezing we did together when we got home. I thought we’d have a lot left over to share, and give away but we really went through them quickly. Canning is not nearly as difficult as it seems like it will be going in.

the pitter in this picture is NOT sufficient. 
We made (all cherries were pitted with the best high volume cherry pitter $30 could buy):
*6 quarts of pie filling*
(recipe from this book)
*4 jars of cherry almond jam*
 (we used Pomona’s Pectin so low-sugar, and added almond extract–delicious!)
*6 jars of straight up cherries*
(fill jar with pitted cherries, cover with water, water bath 15mins)
*3 trays of dried*
(using the oven as a dehydrator can be long and tricky, but aside from the ones I charred while warming the oven to bake bread, we we were successful)
*1 gallon bag of frozen*
(We spread them on a tray, freeze them, then dump them into a freezer bag. This keeps them from clumping and makes it simple to use a few at a time)
*& countless stolen by the cherry snatchers in the fields and while 


  • Becca Posted May 28, 2012 3:30 am

    yummy! thanks for sharing. i am inspired to do some picking and saving. 🙂

  • Sunny Posted June 10, 2012 9:20 pm

    wow! Wish we had known about that place two years ago 🙂 Though, I know I would not be so dedicated to do all of that canning. What wonderful memories your girls are going to have!

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