the lure of asheville grows stronger

Back from a weekend of memories & discoveries. We’ll soon update the farm blog with more information on why we went & what the seminar was all about; here I will share our extra-curricular explorations.

First, Drew found this amazing place in the latest edition of Our State magazine. Subscriptions to this publication are a little pricey, but we have discovered & enjoyed SO many things from it. Sticks & Stones, Canon Powershot Cameras, a Maple Syrup Farm we can’t wait to visit, purple potatoes, communes near-by & now this. I will share with photos. (from my NEW CAMERA!! I’m so excited to have a little more freedom with settings & hope my knowledge will grow with practice–we love our Panasonic, but needed a few more manual options).
the initial drive-by.
french broad chocolate loungechocolate
there was an overwhelming decision to make & restraint=impossible.
sipping chocolate
chocolate creme brulee
water required
steamy window
& there was a lot of head spinning & heavy breathing…
love potion
and no one even had this!
are you drooling? That’s 2 chocolate entries in a row–what does THAT reveal about me? I didn’t mention the nutty-crusted chicken, sweet potato fries & fried Okra from my favorite, or the stop by some of
mast general store
my old stomping grounds
where i got
zots candy
a small stash of my weaknesses
all in all it was a very good time. (i’m excluding the news on illness that kept & keeps my dear husband in bed).
& if you’re keeping tabs on the progress of the ‘no-spend month of jan.’ we’re still committed, but life is too short to be rigid 😉

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  • Melissa Posted January 25, 2010 9:35 pm

    Oh,you are making me SAD. I LOVE Tupelo Honey– we go an hour out of our way to eat there on the already day-long drive to my mom's house. And we went to the chocolatier in May– um. Yes. and again. Yes. I can't wait to see what's on the farm blog!

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