Making things over

Drew calls it nesting, but I think when we took our house off the market, for a myriad of reasons, my mindset changed. We’ve been in this home for 5 years and what excitement it was when we moved in! We’ve remodeled every room with the hopes of selling it for some profit. The market is not in our favor, or perhaps the time is just not right. Whatever, we have decided to step back and make the most of what we are blessed with. While the new baby coming puts some strain on the size of our place, it offers us a chance to be resourceful as we know we can be. Simplifying plays a major role in all of this, and in the end I know we’ll be happier for it.

Some of the changes we’re making are the ones we overlooked as they’re more cosmetic and preference based, but who knows how much longer we’ll remain so down with the mantle! I need suggestions. Here’s a picture:

I’m not sure where the terraced molding idea came from, but i’m not a fan. My thoughts are these: 1. strip the paint, stain & get a new mantle piece of natural wood. 2. paint the brick a neutral color, probably beige-ish.

What are YOUR thoughts?


  • earthboysblog Posted December 22, 2010 1:44 am

    Hello Lacey, lovely to hear from you, let me know how the greenhouse light works for you. We definitely don't need one. The smaller the house the better. I don't know why everyone wants to have huge houses, it's so much work. We are looking to sell ours because it's too big. We only use two rooms in the house, we all co-sleep so it's wonderful …small and cosy is better! We don't even use half our house.

  • Melissa Posted December 23, 2010 12:10 am

    So up my alley! I love the look of reclaimed wood as a mantle– like an old railroad tie. Here's a link to something similar (scroll down for the picture)

    I would look at someplace like DH Griffin, and if you buy one and it is too long, I'd be happy to split it in half with you (both length and cost) if it would work for both of us. I would paint the brick below– use a Zinzer primer (we have some you can borrow) to seal in the brick colors and then paint over it.

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