Monday’s Rhythm and New Eating

Here I’ll attempt to give you an outline of our days until I get through the week (not all today, or even this week, probably).

Monday’s are actually such a smooth transition from the weekend now that we have this pattern & Naomi has it memorized already–it’s amazing how little minds adjust so quickly and settle so comfortably into a schedule that suits them.

8am Wake up. We eat, clean up after our meal and take it easy.
9am Focus Activity. For Mondays that means baking time, today we made Sesame Crackers from the Moosewood Cookbook.
10am Play/Snack/Outside. During this time I have music going through the house and it’s usually an active time of dancing, hopping, swinging, chasing, and sometimes sitting with a good toy.
11am Circle Time. Circle time is fun for both of the girls & me. It goes like this:

  1. We sing the Shema and learn another prayer in Hebrew and English
  2. We have a new fingerplay each week. Today we started with 5 little kittens from this book.
  3. We recite and memorize a traditional nursery rhyme from this book and add stickers to the one we’re        working on–the girls LOVE this book & if you can find it for under $20, i’d buy it! Naomi easily memorizes each poem within a few days and is so proud to recite them for whoever will listen!

11:30am Seasonal Craft or lunch. Here there is some leeway. Depending on Leviah’s attitude, we sometimes do lunch first then she goes down for her nap and Naomi do the craft/activity together. This often leads right into time where we work on our curriculum. Our Seasonal activity today was to fill our Bio Set sprouter so we could have some fresh, local health food to add to our diet. Mung bean, radish, and broccoli sprouts.
We wrap up these activities right around 12:30 or 1pm, which leaves Naomi a good time for rest, or downtime and enough free afternoon time to accomplish other things, like errands, dance or music class, etc.

Separate from school, Drew and I streamed Food Matters the other night and what a load of information about how to keep our bodies nourished. I was expecting something more like Food, Inc, but it’s totally different and more related to healthcare and what we can do to improve our own health by nourishing our bodies properly. Shocking and sort-of obvious information that filled us with new ideas on how to better our own habits. So, with the new year we are doing just that. Lots more fresh and raw foods like wheat grass, spirulina, broccoli–thank goodness for our new greenhouse…oh & did you notice the Moosewood recipe? the challenge is back on!!


  • skin care Posted January 3, 2011 11:23 pm

    I agree to you completely monday is very tough as we enjoy sunday thoroughly and then have to resume the routine back on the day so it is pretty tough for us all.

  • Joy Posted January 4, 2011 1:37 am

    Thanks for sharing your day! Love the rhythm you have going. For some reason it won't let me open either of your book links, but I'd love to know what they are. The crackers look great! Can't wait to see what else you make!

  • school house oils Posted January 4, 2011 4:08 am

    thanks Joy–i think i got the linkies fixed. & we had a Vegetable Almond Medley tonight to mixed reviews.

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