More than Just a House
It’s easy to get caught up in the house right now. So much to do–the list keeps growing, and our wallet keeps thinning…anyway, I need a little break from that. So, I’ll share a bit about the outside–which is what charmed us into this ‘ranger station’ in the first place. 
there’s been some fishing.
and some catching
some discovering 
(really excited to see this full grown praying mantis since we hatched them in the spring–this guy is probably more than 1 year old)
and some squirming…
But overall, this place is full of treasures we couldn’t have imagined. A pond and it’s ecosystem weren’t something we set out to find, but now I am so glad we did. It’s a schoolhouse of its own with learning that only the wonder of nature can inspire. 
As the house transforms we are more and more grateful  for the disappointment we faced a few months ago; this is no old farmhouse but I’ll trade that house for the squeal and giggle from a girl who’s dangling finger has just been nibbled by a tiny turtle. I’ll trade it also for the threats of friends and family to be around more often. Or the unending opportunity to have animals, a few hiking trails, unending plants to discover and wildlife to investigate…I can deal with this ranger station. I’d dreamt to small.
p.s. looking for recommendations for the best plant and bug identification field guides.


  • Anelle Ammons Posted August 25, 2012 12:06 pm

    So, very cool!

  • Becca Posted August 26, 2012 5:23 am

    Lovely! Great Pictures. You have really seen the beauty in the place. I am glad you seem to have found some peace and joy. And what an amazing "school" abounds for you all. BTW, Ed Mckay's has a self or two of field guides.

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