My Trade Coffee Subscription Experience

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So, what is a Trade Coffee Subscription?

Trade Coffee Subscription is an online retailer of coffee that matches people with over 50 roasters and their super high-quality coffee. It has raving reviews from Forbes, Vogue, and Buzzfeed. You can try them as a one-time order or you can subscribe to their coffee selections. My favorite part is that you can tell them what kind of coffee you love and they’ll send you new flavors and brewers depending on how adventurous you are. It’s a great way to discover new coffee and new small-batch roasters.

If you’re like me and I’m sure you are. You also care about how the farmers are treated, their coffee is all fair trade. You also care about the people roasting the beans, they pay their roasters the best possible wage, and lastly, you care about your global impact…right? Trade coffee comes in compostable packaging that I literally just drop in my worm bin.

They say it best on their site:

How were Trade’s roasters chosen?

“The roasters on our site are hands down the 50 best in the country. They not only roast each coffee to perfection, but they are dedicated to the farmers who grow their coffee–ensuring they receive quality wages for their product. Our roasters have signed Trade’s Roaster Pledge, asserting that they are diligent in their sourcing, purchasing through compassionate importers, roasting the coffees with the care and devotion that went into growing them, & treating their teams with respect. Our roasters are quality through & through–you can taste that in their coffees.”

The Good and the Bad of Trade Coffee Subscription

The Good

  • Has more than 400+ coffee to choose from
  • The coffee are freshly roasted once you order and will be immediately shipped.
  • The roasters delivery comes directly to your door.
  • You can get fresh bean every week.
  • Choose the type of experience you want.
  • You can pause your subscription.
  • You get to meet small roasters from all over the world
  • Compostable Packaging

The Bad

  • It may be pricey for some because it starts at $15
  • You end up staying home more and drinking your own amazing coffee
  • You start becoming a coffee snob, because now you know what real coffee tastes like.
  • Every time your friends and family come over, they want to drink your coffee

Trade Coffee Selections

Trade has more than 400 coffees from over 50 roasters.

That is quite a big selection. If you like your coffee unique and tailored, I think you can find your cup among this range of coffee selections. So, if you like to taste coffee in a wide range of variety then Trade Coffee Subscription is the best for you.

BUT then again, 400+ coffee variety is a ton of coffee to look through. No one has time to look through all of those. You can’t try all of them for sure so, Trade made it easy by having you take a quiz.

From this quiz, they will choose the best coffees that coincide with your answers and you can choose from there. Then you get to pick your adventure level. Want them to get crazy and send you all kinds of different roasts or do you want to stay safe with what you love? They have options for both of those.

Our Coffee Experience

The only thing better than a freshly brewed latte handed to me minutes after I wake up? Freshly roasted coffee showing up on my doorstep the day before I’m about to run out. Like CLOCKWORK! We actually fight over the honor of opening each bag and taking that first deep inhale of a scent like no other on earth–freshly roasted coffee beans.

Not only does it come just when it should, just shy of roasting in our own house, the high quality coffee beans that make my heart sing are only roasted just before they’re shipped–it’s like custom coffee, a system built around the idea that fresher is better. That’s Trade. 

When we were first introduced to this service, it seemed a little frivolous, it’s nothing we can’t pick up at the local whole foods, but that’s just not accurate!

For the most part, coffee on the shelves has been there–a WHILE. Coffee comes from the far parts of the world, at least parts we don’t frequent–and just like I am about the foods I buy locally, I want to know that the farmers who are doing their best to cultivate the finest elixir of life, they are being treated with dignity.

Another check for Trade–they are committed to sourcing coffee only from roasters who work directly with the farmers who grow their beans. 

Can you smell that? Taste the coffee in the air? Subscribe now so you can get your first bag free!

Membership Option

Trade allows you to control how often you receive your coffee beans. You can choose to have it shipped on a 14, 21, or 28-day cycle or ship it every 7, 14, or 21 days for Auto-Reorder.

Trade’s list of roasters has its own schedule. Shipping is direct from the individual roasters and you can expect to receive it less than 5 days.


Coffe bags start from $15 and go up to $22. And shipping is $2 per bag of coffee. But if you get more than $30 the shipping is free.

Final Say: One of the Best!

We get to experience the artisan, third-wave coffee that small-batch roasters across the country have developed a keen sense to create. They are each unique, but consistently impressive–it has been like taking a coffee-based-road-trip (which we are known to take) from the comfort of my own kitchen. 

When you’re obsessed with crafting a cup of joe each morning that not only floods your veins with the invigorating benefits of caffeine or the whole house with the aroma of youthful bliss, but also gives you something to look forward to, something to feel more connected to those far parts of the world, and all of the individuals who helped make it possible to turn an exotic delicacy from distant lands into a daily ritual that tastes like home. 

We will never run out of deliciously roasted beans just when we need them again, and we continue to look forward to trying new versions of our favorite beverage!

Not your cup of coffee?

Watch out for the other coffee subscriptions that we might try, so you can try it too!

Does a great cup of coffee make you more excited to wake up early each day? Then what are you waiting for???

Get that free bag of coffee now!

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