Naomi’s impressed
grim farmShe told me the other day, after I drew an “N” how impressed she was with my writing. It honestly made me feel good about myself!

  1. I’m changing the pic soon as we’ve made some additions to our garden. (CHANGED)
  2. Doll-making party is on the front burner & we’re planning to set a date sometime in late March. Check back, I’ll put up a link to a page with a little more info.
  3. We went to Celebrity Dairy in Siler City this weekend for one night & it was very enlightening. We learned a lot from the owner, especially about chickens.
  4. celebrity dairy
  5. I can smell the bee-smoke right now & there’s no better scent. I also watched The Secret Life of Bees with my mom & have to say, it was all my favorite things rolled up into one. Loved it.
  6. Naomi’s knack for all things creative thrills me. She’s just so open to trying ANYTHING. It makes me see how limited our imaginations become over time–she’s helps me exercise the recesses of my mind.

organic farmcelebrity dairydairy goats
*All these beautiful pics were taken by Savta or Sabba (grandma or grandpa Grim)

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