Needle Felted Queen Esther Crowns and the Beautiful Day.
It’s traditional to dress like Queen Esther, or one of the characters from the story, so we had to finish up our crowns…
I cut a simple pattern out of paper (folding in half again, then using a straight edge to draw the ‘peaks’)
then, I cut some simple ‘jewels’ out of felt & put Naomi to work. 
We attached a band of elastic with my sewing machine and they were ready to go! Simple enough…
I’ve already warned Naomi that the other plastic/ridiculous crowns we have kicking around are going. We’re slowly weeding out the junky play clothes in favor of sturdier and more modest ones. The older Naomi gets, the less I like her flouncing around in some of those extremely skimpy ones!

Here are a few pictures of our all our Queen Esthers, Hamantaschen, and an around beautiful day. (There were some handmade dresses (note the gold) that were extremely adorable–I should have taken the opportunity to create something for our dress-up chest that could be reused…maybe next year!)

Listening to the story of Esther and shaking noise makers (groggers) to boo the name of Haman.
Everyone in the group brought Hamantaschen for our bake-off. There was pumpkin, chocolate, cherry, strawberry, and chocolate ‘bump’. All were good in their own way, but I’m going to claim pumpkin as the best filling and Mr. Watkin’s cookie as the best cookie.
there were no complains from Leviah. 
and filling paper hamantaschens with candy is another special treat! We did this last year, and while I forgot, Naomi didn’t. So, before we left for the park she reminded me to bring all the supplies! I guess that’s how traditions really get started…

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  • Joy Posted March 21, 2011 12:56 am

    Those crowns are adorable! It looks like a lovely day. 🙂

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