Members of the #OilDorks Community Unite!

Members of our doTERRA team are #oildorks! We are unified with a passion for learning about the oils, and for being unabashedly bold about getting them in the hands of everyone we come across! As a member of our team you are equipped with trainings, team calls, webinars, classes, continuing education and so much more. We are dedicated to making sure you know how to use, share and make the most out of the oils and oil-based products doTERRA has so effectively created for our healthful benefit. We offer support both in training and in personal development. Our team retreats and gatherings are filled with comradery, compassion and purpose. Join us and rest assured that you have years of network marketing experience and natural wellness training to guide you on a proven path toward optimal health and boundless success.



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Our #OilDorks 

Abby Staves Silver Wellness Advocate OilDorks

Abby Staves
Silver Wellness Advocate

Abby is a licensed massage therapist, and a certified yoga teacher. Abby loves teaching oil classes and is so very thankful for the amazing things dōTERRA has offered her and her family. Increased wellness, financial security, deeper friendships, and more self confidence are just a few at the top of her list!

Chasey & Matt Bynum Gold Wellness Advocates OilDorks

Chasey & Matt Bynum
Gold Wellness Advocates

Chasey is a wife, homeschooling mom of three and lover of The Oily Life. She keeps bees and chickens and loves feeding her family real foods. She is passionate about empowering moms to have freedom in their choices to take care of their families.

Jonathan & Alisha LaTour Gold Wellness Advocates OilDorks

Jonathan & Alisha LaTour
Platinum Wellness Advocates

Jonathan and Alisha LaTour live in Browns Summit, NC. We have six children and love being able to spend time with them. We would love to travel more and get to see the country as a family. We are blessed to be on this doTERRA journey and can’t wait to see where it takes us.

Jenny Brown
Silver Wellness Advocate

Jenny lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia with her husband and four children. As homesteaders & having been passionate about natural living & enjoying foraging for wild edibles & medicinal plants, the oils fit easily into their routine. The benefit of being part of doTERRA has fallen right in line with their family’s standards of living, and is also helping them spread the gift of natural health & financial hope to people everywhere.

Lane & Angela Watkins Platinum Wellness Advocates OilDorks

Lane & Angela Watkins
Platinum Wellness Advocates

Angela is a pediatric physical therapist and joyful mother of 3 beautiful girls. She has a passion for wellness and lives in awe of the Creator and His creation. Along with her husband, Lane, she hopes to inspire many to improve their health and explore the many ways these oils can change lives.

LeAnn & Josh Vipperman Gold Wellness Advocates OilDorks

LeAnn & Josh Vipperman
Gold Wellness Advocates

LeAnn has been with dōTERRA for over 3 years. Growing up, she always wanted to help people. This company, the products, and the business have been life changing for her family & are the perfect opportunity as a homeschooling mom of 7. Over the next few years, LeAnn & her husband Josh will be traveling with the 7 kids to share the dōTERRA all over the U.S.

Ryan Broeker Gold Wellness Advocate OilDorks

Ryan Broeker
Gold Wellness Advocate

Ryan Broeker lives in Summerfield, North Carolina with her husband, Levi, and their two children, Boone (6) and Lily (3). She is a former middle school teacher who loves working from home to teach others about natural living with essential oils, while being available to her family.

Robyn Langdon Silver Wellness Advocate OilDorks

Robyn Langdon
Silver Wellness Advocate

Robyn is the wife of an amazing guy who just so happens to be a pastor too, and the mom of two funny and smart teenagers. She likes to read and write and go hiking at the beach on her day off, and works on her dōTERRA business and as an administrative assistant on the other days. Her favorite aspect of dōTERRA is Co-Impact Sourcing/Healing Hands, and her favorite oil is Elevation.

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