On Mother’s Day

What a terrific day! Naomi was so excited about it going to bed last night she could hardly sleep–nice to know she enjoys pampering me…

She made me a lovely card in which Drew helped her list all the ways she knows I love her. I had to hold back a few tears. The girls gave me presents. The Sound of Music on Blu-Ray (cause while we don’t have cable, we do have a pimped out movie watching set-up).

And one amazing necklace they picked up at the Indie Market on Friday. 

Then, Drew worked on painting our hallway because it is out of control with fingerprints and grime. It’s a brighter color that should make the trip down the hallway a little cheerier 😉

Plus, we got to meet up with my family for some ice cream in the country to top it all off; the cousins enjoyed each other with chasing and climbing on haystacks on an marvelous night.

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  • Joy Posted May 9, 2011 11:19 am

    Looks like a lovely Mother's Day, Lacey! 🙂

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