Having taken such a large bite last month–we’re still digesting. We’re committed to making a real change; a permanent change; new habits. SO. The plan is to allot a certain amount of cash to each of us as ‘spending’ money for whatever we choose. This should keep us better in check…

SO, this month we’re taking 2 steps back. Back only because we’ve made this change before & we slack. For the month of February we will not allow plastic bags into the house. This is a simple change, one that many folks have already made.
Are you already saving the planet in this way?
riddle anyone?
What letter & number name an outdoor sport? (hint-it’s a Wii sport)
answer to last post’s: a Mushroom (heehee)

& this day in history:
Elizabeth Blackwall was born (1821-1910). She was the 1st female doctor & was only accepted to Medical school after being denied entrance to 29 other schools.


  • Melissa Posted February 3, 2010 5:39 pm

    We have really like the allowance system. We cash out each week– I get lots more, since I am the one buying groceries, stuff for the house, etc. There's a budget in there for the kinds of things that seem to come up every week– a window leak, somebody needs medicine, etc. Whatever's left at the end of the week we can blow on coffee, meals out, etc. Or save it. Less fun. It's helped me spend money totally differently.

    I'm really, really embarassed to admit that I've totally slacked on the bags. We got into the habit of NEVER leaving the house without one in my bag, a bunch in the car, etc. and then somehow slipped and haven't gotten back into it. Good Feb goal!

  • Hip Mountain Mama Posted February 3, 2010 9:40 pm

    This is a great Feb change. It is so great seeing so many people making this change!!
    Way to go!

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