oooh…now I’m getting chatty

So. I can’t help but add a note about what I had for lunch today & HIGHLY recommend you also have it for lunch soon.

We had bagels with cream cheese, which is a standard around here. After the first bite I decide there was a lack of lox. Of course, I don’t generally have smoked salmon laying around the house–cancel generally–ever, so I had to reconsider.
I looked out the back door & there was one of our tomato plants staring back at me with countless bulging red eyes (tomatoes) just waiting to be plucked. I sliced one of these super red & ripe tomatoes as thinly as I could and piled the slices high on the cheese (actually Neufetchel) & what a delight. Texture, taste, freshness. emmmmmmm. So, do it.
I’m pretty certain I completely forget, from October to June what tomatoes are really supposed to taste like.
& it’s not a post without a pic, so here’s a look at our these past few weeks. ALWAYS full.
In this pic you can see some un-spun honey frames in a box. Those have been extracted so that’s now replaced with jars full of honey. Not a prolific year on the honey front, but a tasty one!
Also: whale size zukes
white & brown eggs
cukes & maters.
Too many tomatoes at your house too? We’re going to try Tomato Pie & everything on this page appeals to me.

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