Our Math Methods
As an update I wanted to share some images from our Math by Hand experiences. We have LOVED using these math resources. It is a great fit for our family.
math by hand
making pipe cleaner numbers–Leviah (age 4) following along in the background
crafting for math
Admittedly, Naomi is behind her age group in math, we have taken it very slowly. I have a fear that she will despise math if I push her. 
number stories
(bremen town musicians take on the number 4)
fairytales for numbers
We’re finally nearing the end of the first year of curriculum, and moving through it faster than ever. We had some hiccups what with moving and getting settled and all, but having nestled into a more structured rhythm, I’m thankful that Math By Hand has been such a simple, steady and reliable way to strengthen Naomi’s concepts of numbers, their qualities, and the 4 processes.
 waldorf manipulative
bringing out the pipe cleaner numbers, the four processes gnomes, and the bean satchel counters to work on equations.
homeschool waldorf math
(the closest image is of a ‘square numbers’ chart recently posted on the Math by Hand Blog–it’s FULL of terrific & free resources, as is the e-newsletter & the facebook page)
Having no prior experience with the Waldorf approach to math, it has been so comforting to have a place to turn and detailed instructions on how to introduce age appropriate information. From clay, pretzels, pipe cleaners, felt, and many other forms of handcrafts included in the curriculum and materials, Naomi has pouches and workbooks and form drawings under her belt I would have never pulled together on my own. Not only instructions, but the supplies to create tangible numbers and counters and costumes all to bring math to life. Not to mention the accessibility to the creator of this great resource, Marin Lipowitz. She has been so helpful and supportive with any question that arises. 
crafts for homeschool math
So, I’m very grateful to the internet for helping me stumble on Math By Hand those many months ago–and I’m really hopeful that sharing about our great experience here will lead to many more kids enjoying the process of learning these concepts. Learning can be fun, and there are so many other ways to explore it beyond worksheets and flashcards!
Even for those non-homeschoolers, these resources are so well priced–they’d be a great tool to supplement and help kids grasp math in a more concrete way. 

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