I want to share just a couple good things. It might end up being more than a pair; maybe a couple of pairs & then some 😉

1. I’ve been telling folks about the miracle of amber. I don’t know why, or how it works but I bought this Amber Teething Necklace for Leviah–which makes her look oober cool–at Palumba which has many many things I want to purchase. I really think their prices are some of the best around.
2. Drew’s Stick candles–he’s been playing with these for weeks & has just started adding color. Wait for that big reveal! You can look at them on the shop, but here’s my personal favorite.
3. & something crafty I’m currently into myself: Quilt Squares–vintage of course. I love them. I’ve stumbled across them several times at yard sales & I can’t resist. I have enough to make approximately 6 quilts–where will I find the time?
4. 1 more thing on my crafty to-do list–make a braided rug. We have these sheets we got for a wedding present (which makes them 7 years old). Well, we’ve worn right through them but I can’t throw them away. & Inspired by a couple of books: Handmade Home (which I don’t own, but merely peruse during frequent visits to Barnes & Noble) & The Prairie Girls Guide to Life I’m going for it; let the stripping & braiding begin!
5. Thanksgiving is one good thing I can’t forget to mention. I love it with a capital L. Can’t wait to dive into turkey, trimmings & dessert. Not to mention some old-fashioned family hoot-i-nanny.


  • Joy Posted November 23, 2009 7:19 pm

    You crack me up, Lacey! I LOVE those stick candles! I actually just sent you a message on FB. Be sure to show us your braided rug when you get finished. 🙂

  • Kallie Posted November 24, 2009 3:58 am

    I don't know about the hoot-i-nanny but I am looking forward to Thanksgiving too! Madelyn and Solomon just dropped off his cd and I have a copy for you. We just listened to it and it's awesome. I love those candles by the way.

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