Planting the Spring Garden

Our Spring Planting and Planning is well underway.

Well it’s about as cold as it ever is in our region, some nights in the 20s, and a little snow too. But, thanks to our little greenhouse and child labor we’ve got our spring garden started. It’s going to be a major experiment this year as we have little-no sun. We’re going to have to cut down several more trees, but the professionals going to have to come in for our safety and that of the house. Drew has done a lot (with the help of some friends) and that lumber handy is proving very useful. But, if we can get someone to cut some trees for free, potentially make a little at the lumber mill, well that seems like a good deal. Especially if it’s the difference between having a garden or not.

We’re trying out a lot of permaculture ideas with our gardening. Having it right up against the house is one; accessibility is a major part of the permaculture planning. And we’re using a key-hole shape in our garden beds which increases square footage, but also makes every inch of it ‘reachable’ without having to step into the actual bed. Great for maintaining loose, healthy soil, but also for keeping our feet clean.
After the 3 tons of compost Drew and I shoveled from the dump, we are really quickly realizing we’ll soon need even more. Since we’re anti-till, and since this soil is completely unprepared for planting, and since we have no compost or manure built up to use yet, a trailer full of city made compost was the best option for us. We intend to use essential oils and biodynamic preparations to help detoxify and break down any synthetics that have built up in that compost, and from the previous owners of this house.

There’s lots more to do, but it’s exciting every year to watch the little seedlings poke their heads out and stretch toward spring. So much hope there…even if we’re constantly chilled to the bone. Are your gardens underway?

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