Playing with Paint

Yesterday we were back inside, as mentioned before.

Leviah has been a little on edge–not sure if it’s a lack of sleep, this oh-so-mean & teasy weather, or if she’s fighting some bug, but in an effort to distract her we made finger ‘paint’ yesterday. Simple enough.

Naomi & I were doing some flower studies with this set of water color pencils Drew recently brought home & little Lev seemed like she wanted to be included.

Just a few tablespoons of flour, a little water, a few drops of food coloring & wa-lah.

She didn’t participate for long & mainly thought I was mean for not allowing her to eat it by the spoonful, but we’ll definitely try again on a better day.
Naomi did add it to her mixed-media piece however!
& I’m no Van Gogh, but I was pleasantly surprised with my own little ‘study’. I’ll for sure be playing with these pencils more in the future. Being creative for the heck of it sure is relaxing…
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