Poultry Day
The Sunday before thanksgiving is our last processing day. Its the day that officially ends our poultry growing season. Here is how we do it.

We gather all the birds the night before. We go into the coup with a red light and catch everyone and then put them in cages. Make sure to keep them protected so nothing eats them over night.
The night before we plug in the scalder and let it run all night. In the morning its nice and hot you dont want to be waiting on the water to heat up. We keep a propane burner and large kettle going just in case we need to add more hot water. The cone you see is what we use to kill the birds in. The bucket is for heads.
After the scalder its into the plucker
Then to the processing table. After that we put them into a cooler of ice cold water to bring down the temp as quick as possible. This year we got a fish fillet table. Its way easier on the back and has a hole for guts.
Then they go inside and get a final rinse and dry.
Then into the package and ready for the freezer.
The best and final step is to enjoy with friends!

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