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In stumbling across this site I had a notion to share with you all the fantastic read from below.

I’ve become a member–which is free & simple & I hope you do too (or maybe you have).
We can be friends & share book information like wishlists, etc. It’s really an incredible idea to make local & independent book sellers more accessible & competitive with the big-box fellas. Drew & I love browsing bookstores, used & new, & in the way that we’ve shed the corporate giant from our destinations we can now eliminate a certain .com of the rain forest persuasion from so frequently loading in our browser…We are up to the challenge of more exclusively patronizing small-business book stores like this one. We’ve even become affiliates, so link from our blog whenever you’re making purchases please!
PLEASE–join & share your links in a comment or something. I LOVE seeing what other folks have on their shelves & wishlists, love!.
Here’s the book Drew recently finished (& i osmosisly absorbed) which is a fun read for anyone.

You might recognize Joel Salatin as the gentleman mentioned in this book.
What do you think? good idea?

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  • Melissa Posted December 29, 2009 7:09 pm

    That looks very cool– thanks for the introductioN!

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