Regenerative Agriculture: Kiss The Ground, a story

We are going to have our first event on Schoolhouse and its about regenerative agriculture!

A short recap about the Schoolhouse, it is an awesome old farmhouse that we fixed up to hold events, classes on oils, self-sufficiency, and lots of other things we are super passionate about!

We are going to have an outdoor screening of this new movie called Kiss the Ground. It’s a movie about regenerative agriculture.

regenerative agriculture movie

It teaches us ALL (farmer or not) how to live more regeneratively, how regenerative agriculture has the potential to save the earth, and most of all, give us all a chance to be overwhelmed by hope at a time when we need it most.

If you’re not able to join us locally, we hope you will watch the film available on Netflix or hold a screening of your own if you are able.

Don’t know how to get or set-up your own screening, just contact us and we’ll help you!

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