Renewal Homeschooling

We have rebooted homeschooling. With Hanukkah & the worst of the morning sickness behind us, we are moving on. Though we had a rhythm earlier in the year, we have decided to rearrange and I’m SO glad. Thanks to one of the Waldorf communities I’ve joined I found a great resource that has helped us start a new rhythm, one that suits us and goes with our flow. It is less forced & more melodic. While we’re experimenting with it this week, I’ll share more of the real day-to-days later.

We even got a desk for Naomi which is simply a way of designating a workspace for her. It’s a simple desk with a little storage so our homeschool books can stay out of the way, rather than scattered around the dining table. It’s nice to have a place next to a window, with the sunshine…

But, today we had a ‘focus activity’ of handwork, circle time with poems, a story, and some songs, and a seasonal craft of snowflakes creation.

These new patterns are going to make our lives so much simpler and even Leviah enjoyed our focus activity today which I was a little concerned about. Including a 2 year old in the activities of a 6 year old is tricky, but we can’t save all our accomplishments for nap time anymore…


  • T @ Poppy Place Posted December 15, 2010 7:57 pm

    I love the desk and under the window what a lovely spot. 🙂

    Wishing you well with your new plan in homeschooling. It can be challenging but so rewarding too!

    Have a lovely day, T. 🙂

  • Kallie Posted December 17, 2010 1:14 am

    You are one of those bloggers I was talking about! That is the exact desk that I want for Elijah. It does look nice there in front of the sunny window. I am glad the worst is over for you:)

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